Monday, December 29, 2008

Consider Yourself Carded

This is the Christmas card I whipped up and was going to have printed and mailed out. Then it was the attachment I was going to email to everyone with a "Perry Newsletter". Now it's posted on my blog four days after Christmas. Such is my life right now.

Our Christmas updates are coming soon, but I can't promise you when.


DA Phillips said...

Oh thank you for the card. You are better than I am. And you have 2 kids. Well we missed you and we were thinking about you.

Tagen and Eric said...

Congratulations on getting your cards sent. I think that you're on to something in the new world of the blogosphere. I don't think that Tagen and I have sent out cards once since we've been married because we move around so much and lose addresses in the process. I think we will follow in your footsteps next year.

Yvonne Hansen said...

Cute pictures! How old is Ivy now? Brianna is 3 and Allison is 5 months. I guess we both love to spoil our girls, Brianna has that table and chair set and stainless steal pot too! lol! I got her a kitchen set for Christmas so she can learn to cook ... unlike her mom ;)