Friday, December 19, 2008

Passing Down Memories

I know I'm a little heavy on the videos, but Sophie has had some great material lately. (Trying to draw the attention that she lost to Ivy back to herself again?) These two clips might be a little more meaningful to my side of the family because of old memories.

When we were little, my mom made most of the bread we ate in the bread machine. If you've ever used one, you'll recognize the rhythmic sound the dough paddle makes when you first turn it on. My mom would move her hips to the beat of the bread machine, trying to get us to do it with her, and thus the "Bread Dance" was born. Because I do about a loaf of bread each week, Sophie has started to recognize it when she hears it. Of course, I taught her the bread dance, but I'm not sure where she got her little robot moves from.

Popcorn is also connected to a lot of childhood memories. Making popcorn with my grandpa (my dad's dad), is one of the few memories I have of him since he passed away when I was 12. My dad loves popcorn, too, so we popped some almost every Sunday night that I can remember. Back in the day we used an air popper, but my dad has since moved on to microwave. Over the last few months I've been wanting to get an air popper because seriously, no microwave popcorn I've tried has come close to air-popped-drizzled-with-real-butter popcorn. (Air poppers are kind of hard to find if it's not Christmastime. Interesting.) My mom brought me one when they were here last month and Sophie, who's always liked popcorn, has taken a special interest in it now. She asks for it everyday.

And by the way. . . Yes, I do dress Sophie. These two clips just happen to be taken in the morning.

Here's a pic of Ivy. I'm trying to give her equal blog time, but seriously. . . this is what she does all day:

She's already changing and getting bigger. *sniff*


Dave & Chels said...

That little "bread dance" is so cute. She cracks me up. Man, her and B would have so much fun together. Not to mention the fun you and I would have together!
By the way, I LOVE the name Ivy! She's as cute as her name!

Jessica said...

Adelyn had fun watching Sophie's little dance. I did too!