Saturday, December 06, 2008


The girls and I made it through our first week by ourselves at home. Barely. Besides the obvious goals of making sure the kiddos were fed and somewhat clean, my only goal for Monday was to take a shower. Once I'd reached my goal I settled in, not wanting to overexert myself, and watched several hours of Food Network while keeping Sophie's tornado-like destruction to one room. I learned from Steve's deployment that watching a lot of TV does nothing for my morale. That lesson also applies to the hormonal, postpartum version of me. I'm a lot more emotional this time around. Add that to not getting enough sleep and Sophie's jealous tantrums and whining and you get a very irritable mom.

So, for Tuesday, I decided that I needed something more productive as my goal because watching that much TV makes me more emotional and cranky. Even when I'm watching food. My goal for Tuesday was to put up Christmas decorations. Still some rough spots, but overall better than Monday.

Somehow photos never do Christmas trees justice. OK, my camera doesn't do it justice.

Some of my favorite ornaments.

Each day got a little better after that. I managed to get a shower every day and got a few things done around the house. A few ladies from the ward brought meals last week, which was a total lifesaver. Thank you!! Around 4-5ish was when Sophie and I were our crankiest and it would have been almost impossible to spend more than 10 minutes in the kitchen making dinner.

Friday I decided that we needed a quick trip somewhere because we were going nutso from being inside all week. After tackling Target and a quickie in the grocery store, I decided that I need to rethink how I do my grocery shopping. I put Ivy's carrier in the front, Sophie and my diaper bag in the cart, and had enough room for one gallon of milk and a can of baking powder, which Sophie tried to open for several minutes. I put the produce in the front because I didn't trust her alone with a bunch of bananas. I'm not sure how I would have managed had this been a "real" grocery store trip. At Target I took Ivy out of her carrier, wrapped her in a fleece blanket and put her in my Bjorn carrier while Sophie sat in the front of the cart. That worked OK except Ivy is still ragdoll-like and kept sliding down the carrier all bunched up. Plus the fleece blanket was making me sweat. Taking her out of the carrier and wrapping her in a blanket is a pain, too, in the parking lot, and what happens when it drops below 60 degrees? And the option of having Sophie walk beside the cart is definitely out. Unfortunately, she's a runner, and I really don't want to resort to putting a leash on her. She would probably throw a fit if I tried. Ugh. I have some thinking to do.

Ivy, on the other hand, is an angel baby -- kind of like Sophie was before she decided she could have an opinion about things. Luckily Sophie's jealousy is directed more at me than at Ivy. She adores Ivy. The first word out of her mouth when she wakes up for the day, or even from a nap, is "AHH-vee!" She's always right next to me when I change Ivy's diaper or bathe her, but when I nurse her, Sophie decides that she wants to jump in my lap and read a book RIGHT THEN. I spend as much time as I can with Sophie, which helps, and I think she's realizing that Ivy's a permanent fixture in our home now.


Cynthia said...

First- your tree is beautiful. I love the color scheme.

Secondly, your post made me smile because I SO remember those days. I didn't have to try and do it without a spouse around though- I can't imagine how difficult that would be.

I had twins and sometimes I'd just pull along 2 shopping carts with a baby carrier on each. Some stores have those little car carts where Sophie could sit in the 'car' and drive while the baby is on the cart seat. Figure out which stores offer that and you'll know where you need to shop.

It's hard to adjust but you're doing a great job. Hang in there!

Cassia said...

Natalie, I can definitely relate! Especially to the part about making showering your goal. :D My current standing goal tends to be keeping the house at least as clean as it was when Bryan left in the morning. I don't usually make it. :) It's amazing how quickly the children can trash a room! Too bad they can't clean it up just as fast.

Your idea to put up Christmas decorations is a great one, though--I may have to try that. Jonathan's been asking for it for at least a week now.

I love your pictures, especially the last one of Sophie and Ivy. Very beautiful! I love the "in the moment" feel. :)

As for the shopping--I can definitely relate to that, too. :D I'm sorry your front carrier idea didn't work, since that has been my lifesaver. I put Kathryn in the Snugli, Emma in the cart, and try to convince Jonathan to be helpful and stick close to me. I did forget the Snugli once--that was an experience I never want to repeat. :D At least Jonathan is old enough to help with pushing the cart, right? :)

Good luck. And do make sure to take it easy--at least as easy as is possible while still keeping your children alive and not going insane from too much TV. :)

Tyler said...

Bravo, Nat. Hang in there! Number 2 was a difficult adjustment for us, as well. But "Ahh-vee" is so cute! Cute little Sophie - give her a squeeze from the Rogers.

Andrea said...

Sounds like a lot to look forward to. Not that we're expecting, but we'll eventually have another one. I think Jakob will be the same!

Sara said...

So I'm 30 weeks now and I was just talking to my friend the other day (she had her second 6 months ago) about how I'm nervous to be out in public with 2 kids, especially since Lawson loves to take off running- and he's pretty fast. Also the whole breastfeeding thing. I know he'll want attention during that time and babies eat so much the first few weeks. So, if you figure out any solutions let me know.

Britty said...

Just do a little at a time. It takes a few months to get the hang of having two, but it will be easy.

I was going to suggest the same thing Cynthia did. Safeway has the carts with the car, and those are great. I even went to the Safeway by my parents' house in Pleasanton, and they had this new snazzy one that had a TV in it playing Dora! My first thought was, OK, enough media everyone! But it COULD be handy if you needed it.

Team Chilton said...

Ah Natalie, My grocery trips are pretty interesting too. I stick the carrier in the cart part though, and Asher up in the seat, then I have all the space around the carrier, plus down below, and then...honestly, I make JD go shopping for the rest as we need it throughout the week. That's the only way to do it. People feel pretty sorry for me though, and usually when they bag it, it doesn't fit in the cart anymore, so they stick it in another cart and a worker pushes it to my car for me. I still haven't perfected this by any means. I just know that when we have any more children, I will no longer do the shopping, or I will wait and leave the kids home with JD. If you need me to come visit or if you want to come on a walk down here, please let me know.

Kathryn said...

Aw, Natalie! I will watch Sophie for you anytime so you can go shopping! I've always wondered what parents did with more than one small child on a shopping trip. Even though I just have Josie, I will often go shopping alone in the evenings when Jon is home from work.

I'm stopping by your house tomorrow!

Andrea said...

Wow! I am impressed! The hardest thing for me is taking Landon shopping. I don't know how you do it with two. :) Your Christmas tree looks so pretty and so are your little girls. Good job!

ElegantSnobbery said...

Natalie, your little girls are ADORABLE! Congrats on Ivy!

Balancing life with two kids is certainly an adjustment! But it gets easier, and before you know it, your girls will be playing together.

Good luck!!

Shea said...

Your amazing Nat. Your girls are beautiful. I totally can relate to the shower thing..I remember how that was. I don't think a shower ever felt so nice! Hope things are gong well..

Lorraine said...

Congratulations!! Shopping does work out eventually, somehow. My baby carrier is just a wrap: 5 yards of cotton-knit (T-shirt) fabric that's been serged around the edges. Try It was a lifesaver at the beginning of baby Jack's little life. I am really, really getting nervous about having 3 kids. Jack's going to be stepping it up!