Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ivy's Blessing

Lots of family, lots of pictures, lots of preparation, and lots of food -- mixed in somewhere was Valentine's day, too, but the most important part of last weekend was Ivy's blessing. We've unintentionally started a tradition in our family as well. My mom bought Sophie a gorgeous blessing dress and we decided that it was way too pretty to only use once. Along with the dress was a slip with Sophie's name embroidered on it. We decided that Ivy would also wear the dress and that she would have her own slip with her name on it. Since they're so close in age and could potentially get married about the same time maybe we can talk them into wearing the same wedding dress, too. I know . . . wishful thinking.

So, here's where the photos that I took end and the ones my dad took begin. Thanks again, Dad, for documenting our lives. :)

I think Ivy looks smashing in yellow.

My parents and my grandparents flew out for the weekend. I love it when they come (and consequently cry when they leave). I just wish I saw them more often.

Some of Steve's family came over from Sac along with a couple of friends. The blessing Steve gave was beautiful. I didn't cry this time -- probably because Ivy was a little fussy and I was worried that she'd start crying louder. (I, uh, got her feeding times confused that morning and thought she wasn't due for another feeding until after the blessing. I was wrong. She was due right then. She let out a couple of cries, but did well considering.)

We got back to the house and suddenly I had a house full of people and dinner to finish preparing. Of course we had to take pictures, but Ivy was hungry, I was antsy to get dinner finished, so we got the bare minimum before I rushed her upstairs to change her. I really regret not getting more pictures of everyone who was there. We got Ivy, though, and that's the most important thing, I guess.

(My mom's parents on the right.)

We got a picture with all the grandmas which turned out cute. We're all laughing because the only way we could get Sophie to smile was for all 15 people in the house to start counting "O-O-N-E . . . T-W-O-O . . .T-H-R-E-E-E-!!!" As you can see, Ivy didn't hold out until the end.

Sophie loved all the attention she got, and I think she was confused Monday afternoon when everyone was gone, Steve had gone to school, and she was left with boring old mom. (Ya, Steve had to go on President's Day for board reviews. How lame is that!?)


Cynthia said...

Wow! You've had a busy week. The blessing dress is gorgeous and I LOVE the slip idea- that's brilliant. We were able to use my husband's blessing outfit for our son but I didn't have anything special for the girls.

Lots of great photos of the pretty babies. It must have been hard for you too to have everyone leave.

Heather said...

I love the blessing dress! It is beautiful! It looked like you had a wonderful time with everyone! You're family is great!

ElegantSnobbery said...

Wow, that dress is stunning! And I think using the embroidered slip with the same dress is such a sweet and beautiful tradition!!

Kathryn said...

that is a pretty dress! Your tradition reminded me of ours: Josie wore the same blessing dress that I wore as a baby. I hope the dress lasts so my grandaughters can wear it!

Gehmlich's said...

Ivy looks adorable in that dress and you're totally right. Use that thing as much as possible. It's beautiful.

jenn said...

Ahh, she looks beautiful in the dress. Looks like a fun weekend for your families!

Leora said...

How fun! I'm so glad you got to see your family and spend some time with them. Your daughters are SO pretty!