Saturday, February 07, 2009

Silent . . . and Talking!

(Snaps to you if you know what book the title came from.)

Sophie has been learning words like crazy lately, and I wanted to get them documented. One day she'll actually say them correctly, and it won't be nearly as cute.

This book happens to have a lot of objects she knows. When she doesn't know the name of something, she uses one of her generic sounds. Most of the time it's "beh."

This one is one of her Sesame Street books. Sophie is in love with Elmo. We watch Elmo's World (the last 15 minutes of Sesame Street) every day. Luckily nothing else holds her attention for very long so the TV stays turned off most of the day. . . until Ina comes on. Sophie still loves Ina Garten and asks for her, too. Oh, and she's also learning to count a little. Sort of. She does the intonation, but the words still need some work, as you can see. :)

Then we did body parts. Sophie loves her elbow.


Team Chilton said...

I like her "yogurt." One of these days she'll say my name...It's important to know how to say your future mother-in-law's name. I love hearing her talk.

Dave & Chels said...

Running...and walking! We, obviously, have that book too. I can't believe how old she is getting. Crazy. She's adorable - B would have a blast with her.

Rebekah Forgie said...

I love all the funny things they say. My youngest niece just turned two and she's been calling my mom, "seeko". We had no idea where it came from but today she said it more clearly, "secret". My mom always says, come here I'll tell you a secret, I love you. Kids say the funniest things and pick up on small things we do. Sophie is going to be a bright kid.

Cynthia said...

She really is adorable. You'll be so glad you have documented so much. It's amazing how quickly we can forget those special little things.

Gehmlich's said...

I love the "beh" comment. It's so cute. She's doing great. Jakob is doing the same thing right now. Just learning like crazy.