Sunday, February 01, 2009

Ivy's Smiling!

Ivy is starting to wake from her newborn coma. She started smiling a little while ago, but has just now begun to do it a lot. And on command. It sure makes those hairy days worth it. :)

Sometimes Ivy looks like Sophie did at that age and sometimes she doesn't. In this pic she does. Can you tell who's who? :)

When she's not whopping Ivy on the head with miscellaneous objects, Sophie is a great big sister and likes to help. Getting these pictures was tricky because Sophie kept veering off the sidewalk when I let go of the stroller.

I'm thinking about getting a double jogging stroller. (No, not for jogging, silly. I don't do that. More like, trips to the zoo, walks around the marina, etc.) Does anyone have any recommendations?


Kathryn said...

Ivy is totally on the left :) But I think I can tell only because I just saw her and Sophie this afternoon.

hee hee

Dave & Chels said...

Ivy is starting to look like Soph! I also think Sophie is on the right. As for double strollers, I love my phil & ted's stroller. Just be sure you don't pump the tires with too much air - apparently they will pop. :)

Sarah said...

Hi! Thanks for talking to me yesterday even though it was super short. Matt and I had just come home from church and making dinner, and he was eating the best looking cookies in front of me!

I think Ivy is on the left and Sophie is on the right.

Hey and just a word about double strollers. I know you will ask around and get all kinds of good advice from actual moms, but I just wanted to tell you what I've heard from my storytime moms. The consensus is that back and front doubles are much better than side by sides. I've heard that really wide strollers are hard to turn, don't fit though most security gates, and encourage hitting.

Just the word on the street. =) I love you!

Jessica said...

It's so exciting when they start to smile. When I babysat another baby and had a double stroller I liked the back to back kind much better than the side by side. So much easier on everybody.

Shea said...

She is adorable!!!

I agree..the front to back stroller hands down! I LOVED my Graco Double Stroller. It held up to the boys very well. The side to side ones are really hard to push around isle's in stores, etc. :)

beth said...

I have something on my blog for you!

Missy said...

I bought an LL Bean double jogging stroller over Christmas on Craigslist and I love it! I do have a peg perego front to back double stroller and I have liked it....I love the jogging stroller though. just an opinion. YOur girls are too cute!

Savages said...

I have a jogging stroller (not the best ever made though) and like it for jogging, but that's it. It's really hard to manuever in stores. I like my Graco front and back stroller for the zoos, malls, etc. Ivy is adorable!!

jenn said...

Cute girls! I can't believe how fast Ivy is changing, and Sophie is getting so big. What a helpful big sister!