Tuesday, January 27, 2009

On a Lighter Note

I've been whining a lot lately. This morning was kinda cruddy, too, but I'm better now. And I'm getting situated on my new hard drive. I forget how much work it is to redo all the toolbar buttons on my browser and re-enter all my passwords for login sites. And installing all my programs. Ugh. Still no word on recovering my stuff.

I had another notebook in OneNote where I dragged and dropped things that I liked from websites -- mostly home decorating websites and blogs. Yes, I think about how I want my house to look someday.

I wanted to show you a photo from a cute little blog called Small Space Style that I dragged over right before my digital world had its apocalypse. I'd love to see what the whole kitchen looked like, but I have no idea where she got this photo from.

I LOVE this.
I love the cabinets.
I love the windows.
I love the floor.
I love all the glass bowls and pedestals with cute things in them. (Although they probably won't last long with children in the house.)
I love the contrast of fancy and rustic.
I love the candelabra and the wall sconce.
I love the table.
The stools are growing on me.

Most of all I love that chandelier. I never thought to put one in the kitchen. I'm doing it.


My Diary said...

I know how you feel, we got a terrible virus and just got my computer up and running and setting everything up again to my liking is annoying.

Team Chilton said...

i'm bummed for you on the hard drive disaster. That sure is a nice kitchen though. I love bright kitchens with lots of natural light and open spaces (as opposed to the dinky ones we now have). Someday.
Ahhhh...someday. The only thing I'd change about that kitchen is that I'd add some color. It's be perfect with all your red stuff.

Dave & Chels said...

I've never thought to put a chandelier in a kitchen either. But I like it. I also like the fancy/rustic look. I also realize I would never have as nice a kitchen as that until my kids are a lot older. SO cute.

JessieJo said...

I LOVE the kitchen, that is the same look I am going for. A big kitchen...what would that be like??

Jessica said...

Those cabinets. Love, love those cabinets. Hope your day goes better!