Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Big Girl Stuff

I always heard that your first child seems much bigger and older when you bring a newborn home. It's true, but Sophie did have a growth spurt last fall and she's been going through some changes of her own -- aside from becoming a big sister.

Sophie started going to nursery. (Nursery is where the kids 18 mo-3 go during the last two hours of church.) She hated it. She screamed. She wailed. Then last Sunday she pointed at the door like she wanted to go in. "Yeah, right," I thought. I took her in. Stayed about two minutes until she started playing, then left. She was perfectly fine the whole two hours. It's like she woke up that morning and decided that nursery wasn't torture afterall.

We fed her lunch right after church. She still has her dress on because we had to haul it to Sacramento real fast. (More on the later.) I wonder if she stayed in nursery so well because she was drugged. :) She's never fallen asleep in her chair before. Ya, I think she's getting to big for this chair, but it keeps her (and her food) contained during dinner. We're working on that.

Moving her to the couch didn't wake her up.

To further prove my point . . . this is what happens after I stand up for 10 seconds to get a picture of my amaryllis. She thinks she's so sneaky. (By the way, I'm a big fan of these plants. They grow faster than I'm able to kill them. We planted this one at the beginning of December.)

Sophie sleeps in a big girl bed. Although Sophie loves being able to get in and out of her bed now, I think taking the rail off her crib may have been a bit hasty. She usually stays in all night, but going to bed initially is a struggle. Not always, though. There have been a couple nights where she went upstairs around 7ish, and when we went to check on her, she was fast asleep in her bed. I wish she did that every night. There's not going back now, though. I can only imagine the wrath she would unleash if we turned her bed back into a crib.

My favorite time of day.

No, she's not asleep. She's putting her baby to sleep. One trick I use to get her to go to sleep at night is to sit on the floor, rest my head on her bed and pretend I'm asleep. This accomplishes two things -- blocking the side where she can get out and boring her to sleep because my eyes are closed. I wonder if her baby is bored yet?

Sophie walks up and down the stairs. Freaks me out, but she hasn't fallen down more than a couple stairs yet.

Sophie isn't the "baby" at play dates. Hallie came and played this morning and Sophie didn't look like the fragile young one anymore. And there was no crying, which is a huge improvement. :)

I'm so glad we got her that little table. They look so cute sitting together.

Sophie and Ivy play well together. At least, while Ivy is still immobile. It doesn't look like she minds having wooden food stacked on top of her.


Andrea said...

It's funny how alike Sophie and Jakob are. Reading about Sophie always makes me think of Jakob. We started Jakob in a big boy bed when we got here a few months ago....he actually did okay in it, but I think it's a bit too narrow for him. (Those European beds). He ends up in our bed a lot still...we're still working on that. He's never really slept in his crib or bed for a consistent amount of time. We're actually currently working on weaning him from the pacifier. He hasn't had one for about five days now and he's been okay. Miracle. We actually lost it on our vacation, so it just worked out. After the fallout from the pacifier, we'll go back to the bed thing. One thing at a time right?

Cassia said...

Jonathan and Emma both did the same thing with nursery. And I have done the "eyes closed" trick to getting Emma to sleep, too. :) I love it when they start doing the same things with baby dolls that you do with them. Well, usually. Emma's baby dolls have gotten in trouble a few times, and that can be a little embarrassing to hear. :)