Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Field Trip

Before I tell you about the excursion we took on Monday, I want to show you this:

There's only two reasons why she would ever fall asleep on the couch -- if I drugged her, or if she was sick. Unfortunately all of us woke up with a cold yesterday, and Sophie has gotten worse and had a slight fever this morning. Stress could be partly to blame for all of us getting sick together. These past few weeks have been rough because Steve has been preparing to take his first set of board exams (which he took last weekend) and he has his finals this week on top of that. Needless to say we haven't seen much of him. Monday was only the second day since February 15 that we've had him all to ourselves. (Yes, he was at school on the weekends, too. I've been having trouble remembering what day it is for the past month.) On the bright side, this quarter marks our halfway point through chiropractic school!

We all needed to go out and have some fun together so we went to San Francisco and visited the California Academy of Sciences. It's a huge natural history museum-type place with a planetarium, an aquarium, and an indoor rainforest thing. We only saw the aquarium out of those three because there were a million kids there (yes, it was Monday, but it was also the beginning of spring break). Luckily we decided to get a year-pass (since it wasn't much more than our tickets), so we can go back and see the rest. Sophie loved it. Especially the fish.

This bottom picture is sorta weird. Maybe Sophie's communicating with the fish.

She got a little batty toward the end and kept wanting to run around and jump on everything. Time to go.

Ivy woke up toward the end and wondered why she'd been strapped in her carseat all day.

The museum is located in Golden Gate Park (like the Central Park of San Francisco), so we walked around for a bit after we got out to the museum. We stopped by the Botanical Gardens, and saw this sign.

Bettah watch yo'self.


Cassia said...

Cute! Good idea to get a year pass. (And I'm sorry about never seeing Steve! Congratulations on the halfway point!) And that sign is very funny - is there anything you *can* do there? :D

Jessica said...

That sign is ridiculous. Pretty funny. I'm glad all the stress is almost over for you guys. Crazy that Steve is taking boards. Feels like you guys were just moving in.

Kathryn said...

I've been wanting to go to the academy of sciences for a while now. It looks really cool!

Tenille said...

This last weekend my family went to the Botanical Gardens and I remember seeing that sign. I thought that squirrel one was funny. I'm guessing nobody saw that one because those squirrels seamed pretty well feed.
Hope you guys have a nice week off! It's nice to have our husbands back!

Sarah said...

I need a little clarification on the last one. Is that a "don't pet the skunk" sign? What kind of park is this anyway? A not fun one, that's for sure.