Monday, March 23, 2009

Rainy Day Entertainment

A few weeks ago when Steve was putting in long hours at school and taking the car most days because it was rainy (and I was losing my mind), I needed to get more creative about entertaining Sophie at home.

One day while we were in Target I glanced through their little $1-2 section in the front of the store. I've found some gems there (like Dwight Schrute post-its), so I look every time I go. That day they had these little jelly window cling things for $1. I hid them from Sophie for a rainy day -- which happened to be the next day.

I think that's the only day she played with them on the window. Since then, they've been on the fridge, the dishwasher, the floor, the walls, on Ivy, behind the couch, and in her mouth. Now they're in the trash.

Another day I got brave and brought out the paints. (Yes, washable.) I bought them last year so I could do hand/footprint cards for all the grandparents, and forgot I had them until a few weeks ago. Steve's parents were coming to visit for his dad's birthday, so I had Sophie paint him a card after her afternoon nap.

Right after her nap. She still had blanket-face.

I was impressed at how neat she was. She didn't get any on herself or the table.


Cassia said...

I am impressed. You are a very good mom! :) And I am also *very* impressed by Sophie's ability to paint without getting it everywhere. :)

Kathryn said...

Nice! Those are great activities. Sophie is such a girly girl... so neat and tidy!

Jessica said...

How fun! You are so brave. We have painted with those paints and my experience wasn't so neat and tidy. :)

Anonymous said...

nat! i'm adding you on my blog. yes yes we have been married for a little over a month now. it's FABULOUS! oh my gosh...your girls are sooo dang precious! i'm def. gonna keep up on your blog!

Yvonne Hansen said...

I actually have those jelly things and didn't know what they were for. Thanks for the info. Bri will love that! I let Bri paint with washable water colors so I don't stress so much. Also, stamps are fun for there age :)