Friday, June 01, 2007

Catching Up

A few little happenings . . .
  • Sophie's cord stump fell off this week.
  • Sophie had her 2-week check-up today. She's gained more weight (11 oz) and grown a little more (1/2 in.) since the last appointment. She's in the 85th percentile for length, but 35th for weight. Skinny little thing!
  • I tried out a great recipe for pasta sauce that I'll post tomorrow. I also roasted garlic for the first time, which was interesting.
  • I went into work this week to clean out my desk and show off Sophie. I think having my stuff there made me feel like I was still a part of things. It was really hard to pick up everything and leave because I've made such good friends over the past 2 years. I refused to say good-bye because I would have started bawling. So, I promised to go to lunch and pop in every now and then. Then I cried out in the parking lot.
  • Steve came home from Afghanistan two years ago today. I can't believe it's been so long.
  • Memorial Day pics should be posted shortly. My family was here for the weekend and they took all the pics!


Lindsay said...

Even though I'm not in the office, I miss you, too. No Nat on GroupWise IM is just about killing me! Sophie's adorable. I'll be there in June, maybe I'll pop by to see you.

Andrea said...

I really miss you at the office! I have to agree with Lindsay, but we didn't have to IM. This past week was really bad and I was wishing you were going to magically appear! But, it didn't happen. Sophie is so dang cute. I am so happy for you! You better come in soon and bring us some yummy treats!