Friday, May 09, 2008

Cinco de Mustache, among other things

No, not Cinco de Mayo. Cinco de Mustache. Around here the guys grow mustaches for May 5th. We had a little Mexi-party to celebrate. (I think there was more celebrating for the wives that the husbands would be shaving in a few hours.)

And to decide who got the first swing at the pinata, the wives got to pluck a hair out to see who had the longest. I thought Steve had it for sure, but he tied with Kevin, then had to arm wrestle.

It was a long, grueling match, but Kevin ended up winning. (I think it was because Steve was sore after working out a couple days before.)

Yesterday Jeremy was in the area and dropped in to hang out with us for a few hours. (If you don't know, Jeremy is one of my brother's best friends. He's practically part of my family.) While Steve was in school yesterday morning, Sophie and I took him up to see the temple because he hadn't been there before.

That hat should look vaguely familiar to all my friends at BSI. I had some extras in my closet when we moved, so I gave him one. He wears it all the time.

We met up with Steve later and went up to Lake Chabot where Steve's school was having a little shin-dig. We went out on the paddle boats for a few minutes, and I think Sophie was long overdue for a nap because she didn't seem too impressed with our boating trek. Maybe it was the life jacket.


Danica said...

I love it, Cinco de Mustache! There's is no way I would let Nathan sport a mustache!

Natalie said...

Luckily they all grew goatees until Sunday, then they shaved. Otherwise.... i don't think any of the wives would have let them :)

Mary said...

Wow, I LOVE that, and it reminds me of BYU where the guys only grow mustaches because they're not allowed to do anything else. And what is Jeremy doing these days?

Chelsea said...

oh sick! That's hilarious. Ryan's guys (they're all between 14-17) at work all decided to grow mustaches, too, and wanted him to join in. Luckily, he said no. He looks like a child molester with just a mustache.

Sophie is cute in every picture, even when you can tell she's not the happiest. If baby#2 is half as cute as sophie, you're gonna be in trouble when they get to dating age!

OH! I found this on YouTube today while watching frosting/fondant/cupcake tutes.

This guy is for real. Wait until you get to right around 3 minutes and he starts to sing. It should be an SNL skit. At one point I thought it was, but no, he's legit. I hope your cake class teacher isn't like this guy.

Jenna and Daniel said...

Your daughter is beautiful. It's nice to hear from you. Keep in touch.