Sunday, May 18, 2008

Too Much of a Good Thing

Last week was quite a scorcher for us. We'd been enjoying 60-70 degree weather for weeks and then BAM! 99 degrees of pure torture . . . because we don't have air conditioning at home. Not many people do around here aside from the occasional window unit. Supposedly extremely hot weather isn't normal around here. Sophie basically ran around in a diaper for three days while we tried to keep cool. She slept surprisingly well for how hot it was but always woke up with sweaty, matted hair.

Naturally tan abs. Lucky girl.

Her birthday happened to be the hottest day of the week. Steve and I got her a little pool for her birthday, so I set it up and we went outside to cool off. She put her feet in a little bit but was more interested in the food I was eating. (Surprise)

Saturday we went to Sacramento where Steve's family hosted a birthday party for Sophie. The best (and eventually the worst) part of the party was watching her destroy a cake. I thought all week about what kind of cake I wanted to make for her, but in the end decided on chocolate with marshmallow frosting. What the heck, right? Cake is cake.

If you can't spare three minutes to watch her in action, here's a quick play-by-play:

Waiting anxiously for something edible to be placed on her tray.

She decided this was the best tasting thing she'd ever had in her life and devoured about 1/3 of it by handfuls.

Mom should have stopped her before this happened. She rubbed it in her eyes and ended up getting a rash all over her face and her torso. I'm not sure what caused it, but I'm guessing it was the chocolate. Or maybe just too much chocolate.

The rash went away within 20 minutes and after a good scrubbing, she was back to the party opening presents from the family. (Thank you all, by the way!)

Epilogue: About an hour after that last photo was taken she threw up all over the both of us and the floor. After everything was out of her system, she was back to normal. I think we'll hold off on chocolate cake again until birthday #2.


Team Chilton said...

Awww poor Sophie. Man she must have had a LOT. More cake ended up ON Asher than IN him for his first.

Bryan said...

You don't think the fact that she, as you put it, "devoured about 1/3 of it by handfuls" had anything to do with her, um, gastro-esophageal distress? :) Man, the thought of eating 1/3 of a regular-sized cake (esp. chocolate) makes me feel sick already! What you needed was some nice cold ice cream to go along with the cake - for some reason, cold fingers don't want to eat very much. :)

That rash thing stinks, though. Better have her rub different kinds of chocolate in her eyes (like 40%, 60%, and 80% cacao) so you can pinpoint the exact type of allergy she may have. Yeah, that would do it.

jenn said...

What a cute video! I'm sorry that she got sick...poor thing. And I'm real sorry about the heat. Yikes. I hope it cools off. :)

Mary said...

Poor Soph... I noticed that she didn't touch the cake while y'all were singing... I'm amazed! I would have thought she would be all over it as soon as it was within arm's reach!

Natalie said...

Funny you mention rubbing chocolate in her eyes... After church yesterday I was mentally dissecting the cake and frosting trying to figure out what the problem was. She's eaten everything before (including a little chocolate), but never had it smeared all over her. I told Steve I wanted to rub a little chocolate on her tummy and see if it turned red. He looked at me a little funny.

I agree, though. The amount of cake was what probably made her throw up. The cake is actually really small -- although it looked huge sitting in front of a little body. The base is only 5 inches wide, so the amount she ate would be about the same as a fat slice of regular-sized cake.

And Jenn... I feel like a pansy complaining about the heat when you live in Houston (and the B's who live in Georgia!).

Bryan said...

The "rubbing chocolate in her eyes" bit was obviously tongue-in-cheek, but also a wink at my wife's scientific mind. I certainly wouldn't put it past her to try the very thing you just suggested if we were in your situation! (And yes, I imagine my reaction would be precisely identical to Steve's.)

Actually, the weather in Georgia has been quite wonderful so far. However, hearing about the heat wave over on your side of the country fills me with dreadful anticipation for the blight to come. I still remember those two solid weeks of 105+ degree temperatures (with full humidity) when we moved down here in August. :(

I count my blessings, though - every mild weather day we have down here is one less day in the broiler.

Sarah said...

Wow! Way to create a choloholic. I can't wait to see you guys in June. Thanks for the guess. The next time I'm making a pig, I'm totaly changing the colors so It's a hearder game to play.

Sara said...

Holy cow! That girl went to town! That was VERY entertaining to watch. :) Happy B-day!

Jessica said...

Yeah, I think if my body was say, the size of a pea, and I ate 1/3 of a cake I'd be a little sick too. How fun that she was all about the cake. Happy Birthday Sophie!

jenn said...

Yeah but Nat, I have air conditioning. :)

Shea said...

I love the cake, Nat. Very cute! I'm sorry she got sick after..that is a bummer. It looks like she enjoyed herself the rest of the time!

Cassia said...

To add a bit to what Bryan said--

Yes, ice cream helps. It's really funny to see the surprise on their faces when the try to pick up ice cream for the first time. It definitely cuts down on the amount of cake devoured, too. :)

Yes, I thought the idea of smearing chocolate is a pretty good one, though definitely just on the stomach--trying out the eyes is just too much, even for me.

And finally, it has been getting hot here, but no where near 99. And we do have A/C. I'm so grateful as I've already been dying a bit in the low 80s weather (with humidity) that we've been having--and staying very much indoors. Being pregnant sure doesn't make dealing with heat any easier. I shudder to think of our future electricity bills, though.