Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day Arrival

After a combined total of 16.5 hours in the car (13 of which were driven yesterday), Sophie and I made it to Idaho. She did alright, considering she only slept about 2 hours. I'm surprised she wasn't crankier than she was toward the end.

We hitched a ride up to Idaho tonight, but had to leave Steve in Utah so he could put in his Army time this week. We'll see him next weekend. We've had to do this little arrangement two other times since moving to California, and it still doesn't get any easier. Sophie really misses her dad when he's gone. And I'm sure Steve misses his girls, too. Oh yeah, and I miss Steve, too. :)

So anyway, I'm sitting here in the dark listening to Sophie sleeping and it's just after midnight, but since my laptop says it's 11 PM, I'm still counting this as being posted on time for Father's Day.

Thanks for being such a great dad, honey! I knew this little girl would have you wrapped around her little finger as soon as she came out.

By the way, Sophie's present to Steve was taking eight steps in a row. She'd been taking one or two steps at a time for the past couple of weeks, and we thought that Steve might miss out on her walking progress during the week we were separated. She toddled across the floor at my grandma's house last night while he was watching. Just once, though.

This was taken during our move to California. I can't believe how much she's grown since we've been there.


Cassia said...

Sweet. I loved the pictures--seeing Steve with Sophie as a baby, then as she grew. :)

I wish you the best as you wait for him to join you again!

Chelsea said...

That's really sweet, Nat. I love those pictures of the two of them together.