Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Like Mother Like Daughter

I wear flip flops way too much. As much as I love shoes and love to wear cute, impractical ones, I find myself slipping on my comfy go-to's way too often . . . practically every day of the year that it isn't snowing (which is every day here).

Luckily I have more sense than that when I dress my daughter.

If you think these shoes look tiny, you're right. They're a size 2. I tell her not to get too smug, though, with her cute little feet because mom wears a 10 and dad wears a 12. She has no chance.


Dave & Chels said...

Cute shoes! Why does any shoe look cute on itty-bitty feet like those?
You wear a size ten? I had no idea! I never would have guessed. Your right, you never even gave her a chance! :)

Natalie said...

Yep, a ten. I'm glad you never would have guessed :) I always think my feet look big, but maybe they don't to other people because I'm tall.

jenn said...

Cute little flip flops. Size 2!?! Porter's is already in a size 4 and 5!!
And for the record, your feet have never looked big to me.

Cassia said...

Oh, come now. 10's not that big. :) (I'm also a 10--unless I'm pregnant and very swollen, in which case an 11 is more appropriate.) But then again, it's easy to feel small with size 10 feet when your husband has size 14. :)

Size 2 for Sophie? Wow. That is so tiny! I don't know that my children EVER wore shoes that little. :) The shoes are adorable, though--as is your little girl, of course. :)