Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Spreading the Love

Our stay in Idaho has had a pretty rough start. Unlike last time, we didn't fly, so we didn't have to worry about security ruining our suitcase. That was a relief. But once again, we aren't the healthiest bunch on the block. Here's a quick summary of the past three days:

Day 1 - Monday
  • Woke up with the stomach flu and spent the whole day unshowered, in my pj's, writhing in misery on the couch and running to the bathroom every hour or so. (Luckily my mom wasn't too busy with work so she could watch Sophie up in her office. Thanks Mom :))
  • Sophie was as happy as a clam going from room to room scattering toys all over and chasing the cat.
Day 2 - Tuesday
  • Felt better, left the house once to go to lunch with my 'rents at Johnny Carinos. MMM.
  • Played lots of Wii Tennis with my sister and made Mii's for everyone in the family.
  • Had a nice long chat with my cousin Sarah, who came over to say hi. I've missed ya, cuz.
  • Sophie was as happy as a clam going from room to room scattering toys all over and chasing the cat.
Day 3 - Wednesday
  • Mom woke up with my stomach flu and spent the whole day in her bedroom.
  • Dad started to get a little sick himself, but luckily it wasn't bad enough to keep him bed-ridden.
  • I, feeling back to normal, yet terribly guilty for spreading my yak-germs to my parents, left the house to visit a friend in town.
  • Sophie was as happy as a clam going from room to room scattering toys all over and chasing the cat.

When I get in situations like these, I try to look for the good...
  • My Wii Fitness Age is only 30, which isn't bad for taking the test the day after I had the flu.
  • Because of the late late spring that finally came to Idaho, the weeds and plants that usually make me miserable in June haven't worked their magic in the air. I've been allergy med-free since I got here. The cat isn't even bugging me, which is odd.
  • Sophie has been so good since we've been here. I think a change of atmosphere has been good for her. Having a cat around the house helped, too.
  • Steve will be here tomorrow. I miss him.
  • After yakking my brains out all day Monday, I'm really glad that I don't get much morning sickness. Women who go through that are not just rock stars, they're superheros.
  • I felt my little 4.5 inch munchkin kick for the first time. :)
  • I finished Stephenie Meyer's new book, The Host. It sucked me in, but not quite as violently as the Twilight series. Aside from the qualms I have with the female main characters in both books, I think she's amazingly creative.


Rebecca said...

Ooh, I love going to Johnny Carino's with my family, too! I think the stomach flu must be going around because my brother was home sick yesterday with the same thing. Feel better soon!

Millertime said...

I am so sorry you have been sick. I am so glad you have been able to stay with your parents while Steve has been away. It has probably made the week go a little faster and not so lonely. But being sick doesn't make it any better. Atleast Sophie was well taken care of. I know she just loved being with grandma and the cat of course. Enjoy Idaho Falls for me. Mike and I want to go back there soon to visit his family but it doesn't look like it will be soon enough. Mike only has five days of vacation this year so it is going to make our vacations very limited. I am glad your feeling better. Oh hey didn't you say that Hillary is getting married? If so when!

Lorraine said...

Wow. What a vacation. I'm glad you're feeling better!

Emily said...

Hi Natalie. Don't mind old high school acquaintances, blog-stalking by. Sophie is adorable (did you know Mindy Irving has a daughter named Sophie as well?) and congrats on #2 on the way. Also, I will say I'm jealous of your Wii age. I got a 24 once, but it was a total fluke. I'm usually in the 50's and 60's. (embarassing!)
Emily (Inglet) Smith

Dave & Chels said...

I know all too well what it's like to be sick the ONLY time you get to see your family. :) Hey, at least Soph wasn't sick, it could have been worse. At least she had a good time!
I'm reading The Host right now. I agree, not quite as good as Twilight series, and a little slow at the beginning, but now I'm at near the end and am totally into it. What qualms do you have the female characters? Just curious.

'Till we Kiel over... said...

I love reading your posts! They are always so cute. I am very glad you are feeling better. I got a stomach flu when I was preggo and it was NO FUN. I hope you enjoy the rest of your time in Idaho!

Kristin Baldwin said...

I haven't got my hands on the new Stephenie Meyer book but I can relate to having issues with Bella. There are moments I would love to strangle her...and yet I am dying for the next installment and not just because I have a thing for Edward! ;)

Natalie said...

Erika and Emily - Nice to see you! I'm glad you found me :)

Chels - Both Bella and Wanderer are overly dramatic about everything and they're self-sacrificing to the point of recklessness. The shudders and trembling get old the 1000th time something startles them -- which is about every other page. Besides that, the books are great :)

Kathryn said...

I'm sorry you got so sick!

I had food poisoning during my pregnancy. But after I took two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar, I stopped throwing up. Try it next time you have the flu. ;)

Cassia said...

Yay for feeling your baby kick, though! That is my favorite part about pregnancy, hands down (until they get big enough to hurt, of course). :)