Saturday, August 23, 2008


1. If you haven't noticed, I added an "Email subscription" box to the side panel. Some of you use feed readers like Google Reader (my favorite), so you won't need this. For the rest of you who are still manually clicking on all of your friends' blogs to check for updates, I really, really, hope you start using a feed reader. It will change your life and save you a LOT of time. But if you still refuse, you can receive updates from here by email and it will save you a click.

2. I also took off the link to my Etsy store. I've spread myself pretty thin the last few months and my store has been frighteningly neglected. Running an Etsy store successfully takes a lot of time and attention -- both of which I'm short of. I quit making things and started posting more vintage items I picked up at estate sales, but then I quit going to estate sales.

So, I've decided to let my items expire (they expire 4 months from the post date), and maybe close the store after that. Learning to make jewelry was a fun little hobby that kept me busy for a while, but now I don't need another reason to be busy. I'll keep my supplies and make things here and there, but I won't be selling anything online.

If anyone wants anything from my store, just email me. I'll knock 50% off the clearance items and 75% off everything else. Instead of making you go through an Etsy transaction, I'll simply pull it out and give it to you. If you live far away, I'd be happy to mail it. Shipping is a flat $3.00.

Here's what's left... by the way, this group of pics isn't a link. Click HERE to go to the store. I'll leave a little reminder on the side panel where my Etsy gadget used to be.


Adam & Rebekah Forgie said...

Nat, I want the Vintage Catherine. How much would you ask for it?

Kristin Baldwin said...

Do you still have the sylvia necklace?