Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dressing and Grooming

Brushing Sophie's teeth has been an uphill battle since the beginning. The only way her teeth get somewhat of a brushing is if I give her the toothbrush and let her "do it" herself. Most of the time she just chews on it, but still . . . at least the bristles are touching her teeth.

This week she's started to notice that her little kid-sized pink toothbrush is very different from Mom & Dad's buzzing electric ones. Last night she decided she'd rather have ours. We found a clean head and gave it to her (turned off). She loved it. I turned it on for a few seconds and stuck it partly in her mouth. Sophie was surprised, of course, but then started giggling. I had the same reaction the first time I used on, too. It tickles like crazy until you get used to it.

This next picture is one of my prego-brain moments. I'd taken pics of Sophie and me in front of the bathroom mirror before because the light's good, and I can see when she's smiling. Today was a successful piggie-tail day and because she looked so cute, I wanted some pics of her. I was trying to remember how I did it, and for some reason I ended up taking a picture of our reflection instead. I threw it in because, hey, I look sorta skinny. You can't even tell I'm pregnant or see my bulging abdomen.

I don't know what's better -- neither of us looking at the camera or being able to see the camera itself. I'm such a dork.

Here's a little clip of us heading to the car this morning for a little shopping trip. Steve's parents came to visit on Saturday and brought her a doll. I'd planned on getting her one for Christmas, but I think before the baby gets here is better. She already gives her hugs, pats her on the back, throws (literally. . . we need to work on that) her into her mini-carrier, and puts a blanket over her. You'll see how well she's walking now, too.

Side note: Much to Steve's dismay I usually forget to change the video settings for when we're outside. That's why it's blue. I guess I just assume that it has a brain and can think on its own.


Shea said...

Oh, Natalie. Your blogs always make me smile! I love the picture of you..I like the reason you put down for including it! :) You make the cutest pregnant woman! Oh, and I love the video of Sophie!!

Adam & Rebekah Forgie said...

I love the hiccups in the video! That doll is just a little smaller than she is, I'm sure Sophie had to work hard to keep her center of gravity in check. We had tons of home video where my sister would carry something like that and the extra weight would veer her into a wall or something.

Team Chilton said...

She is so cute! Asher found a cabbage patch kid in our toy bin (it was mine!) and he hugs and kisses her, and even dances with her when there's music on (I love that part). The throwing though...yeah, where do they learn that? He throws her too. I don't throw babies. I'm confused by that one. If you figure out something, let me know.

Erin Ann said...

She is such a doll...and her doll cracks me up! I'm so excited for your new addition coming along :) Congrats.

Kathryn said...

Ahhh, prego brain! I still have mine. I think pregnancy may have done some permanent brain damage. I wish I had a dollar for how many times I go upstairs and forget why I went there in the first place :)

The Dahlstroms said...

Natalie, I saw your blog and your little girl is sooo cute! Where are you and your hubby living?

The Dahlstroms said...

Natalie, I saw your blog and your little girl is sooo cute! Where are you and your hubby living?

Kimi <3 said...

She is getting so big! The baby doll thing was a great idea-- she will be a great helper :)

We missed you this weekend, but hope to see you soon! I hope you're feeling growing as well as can be expected!

And I know that this is exactly what you didn't want, but if I were to put in my two cents about the new Little One's name, I would definitely go with the Indian name... for the meaning of course ;-)

Cassia said...

Definitely a good idea to get her a doll. I think doing that with Jonathan helped a lot when Emma actually came. And then he could hold his doll and mimic me when I needed to care for her--a great way to help him not feel left out! :) Hopefully it works the same way with Emma. :) She is very much attached to her doll, "Baby." I think I've even heard her refer to herself as "Mommy" once or twice. :)