Friday, August 22, 2008

Weekend of Parties

OK, I finally have some pictures to work with, so I'll tell you about last weekend in Idaho. How did end up in Idaho? I share my birthday with my grandma (dad's mom), and because she turned 80 this year and had a big ol' party, my mom offered to fly me up for my birthday. It was definitely one of the best presents ever. Thanks, Mom!

We were pretty tired when we arrived at 10PM Thursday night. Sophie did really well on the plane, which surprised me. (It definitely helped having an empty seat next to me.)

Friday was my sister's bridal shower. Sorry, I don't have pics. Dad wasn't there, so . . . that's my excuse.

Saturday was the big birthday bash. There was lots of food, family, and a bunch of my grandma's friends came -- some she hadn't seen in years.

We made these centerpieces for the tables and they turned out so cute! Probably the biggest surprise of the weekend was that the weather cooperated the night of the party. There wasn't any wind. Amazing.

There was a table set up with a bunch of pictures from my grandma's life and blankets she'd quilted. I love that wedding picture of her and my grandpa. They look so cute. :)

Here's some of the food. And here's Sophie pointing at the watermelon she spotted, which she loves (more on that later). And there's my other grandma's arm giving Sophie food, which pretty much sums up the weekend. Oh and my sister is way cute.

Here's a shot of the birthday girls with Mom and Sophie. My grandma and I both wore the same color. Kinda funny. Doesn't my grandma look amazing for 80?

K, here are a bunch of pics of Sophie. Yes, there were a lot of people at the party, but you'd never know by looking at my pictures (sorry). When there's a cute one-year-old in my life, she tends to consume every bit of my time, attention, watermelon, and photo ops.

Freshly awake from a nap and a quick piggie-tail fix.

I tried to get some cute ones of her sitting on the grass, but she was so preoccupied with getting every last speck of grass, dirt, and whatever else off her feet.

Um. My brother's a little weird. If I were Sophie, I'd probably turn the other way, too.

Sophie really, really liked the empty milk jugs sitting by the back door. (Yes, they're from the milk man, and yes, milk men still exist. How awesome is that?) And when it's after 7 and she escapes from a diaper change without her pants, I just let her go.

Sophie really liked this chair. Mostly because she could climb into it without any help. No, I didn't plant the book in her hands, that's how we found her sitting there. She also sat there on Sunday morning while my brother played the piano and quietly listened. Aww.

Speaking of Sunday . . . that was my birthday. My mom made me a cake. That made me really happy because I don't think she'd made me a birthday cake since I was, like, 12. (I sorta took over the birthday baking for the family when I was that age.) It made me feel all fuzzy inside. Ha.


Chelsea said...

Nat! Happy belated birthday :) I remembered yours and Steve's birthdays were only 2 days apart, but I couldn't remember if it was the 2 days before or after.

Sophie's hair has gotten so much blonder! She's turning into a cute toddler, not just an adorable baby anymore.

And I'd have to say you are one hot pregnant woman! I love the picture of you at the airport.

Brynn said...

Sophie is SO SO cute!! Seriously...those big brown eyes and that sweet little face!! She and Joseph are gonna have to get together and play sometime when you're in Utah again!

JJ said...

Happy Birthday, any cake from Paula Deen Rocks! I'll have to try that one.

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday! Doesn't it seem like no matter how old you are having your mom do mom stuff for you makes you feel good?

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! Those are some awesome photos by the way.