Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Steve!

It's a little late in the day. I've been playing catch-up for the past couple of days since we got back from Idaho, but here it is. (I'll blog about that later.) Happy Birthday Hon'!

Freshly deployed in Afghanistan and sporting a mustache. He could only get away with that if he was 10,000 miles away.

A favorite past time... and not aimed at anyone in particular, mind you. Now we have a full beard. Sigh...

Freshly shaven at my brother's wedding last summer. I like this picture a lot. You both look really cute. :)

I like this one a lot, too. It was taken at our wedding reception. As far as I know the photographer didn't tell him to do that.

Enjoy the last year of your 20s. (HA!) I love you, and I'm glad I married you. It's awfully hard to be miffed at you on your birthday, so all is forgiven. (Sorry I didn't make you a cheesecake. I wasn't done being miffed in time.)

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Charlie Wagoner said...

There's nothing manlier than a bearded rocket launcher pose. Happy birthday to Steve!