Thursday, September 04, 2008

Cake Wrecks

Does anyone click on the Blogs of Note? If you didn't notice before, they're blogs highlighted by the Blogger team located on the dashboard of your Blogger blog. I've found some goodies that way. Like Indexed and Ikea Hacker. Anyway, I found this one a few days ago and had to share. Those of you who've taken a cake decorating class might find this especially amusing.

The blog is called Cake Wrecks and basically pokes fun at professionally decorated cakes gone awry. Enjoy. :)


Chelsea said...

I stumbled on that one a few months ago. Isn't it sad what birthday cakes some people got? It makes me wonder if the decorators are in a small podunk town or if they just don't know how to spell sometimes.

Thanks for reminding me about this blog :)

Danica said...

Oh, that is one blog I am going to have to check in on regularly. To funny!

The Rogers said...

That was so funny Im going to have to check it out all the time. I swear how dumb can some people get LOL

Anonymous said...

Totally un-cake wreck related, but I totally dig the new design of your blog. I dunno how long it's been this way, but I hadn't seen the new banner until just now.