Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Labor Day in San Francisco

On Monday we decided to go to San Francisco and see a free Shakespeare in the Park play. They were doing Pericles (is that the same one you saw, Melissa?), which I hadn't heard of before. Interesting story. I'm glad they gave us a program with an outline because we only made it through the first hour or so. And that was after sitting there for an hour before it began. Sophie was way past a nap and sitting in the sun had worn us all out.

I should have taken a picture of the stage while we were waiting, but silly me, I forgot. We weren't allowed to take pictures after it started. Anyway, this is how we kept Sophie out of the sun. Well, for as long as she'd sit there and as long as the Cheerio & Goldfish supply kept up.

The park where the play was held was in the Presidio, which is where the Naval base used to be -- not far from the Golden Gate Bridge. We drove toward the bridge and stumbled upon this . . .

Sophie could care less about being there. She was nearly asleep when we dragged her back out of the car to walk around. Poor thing.

These headstones were bigger than most I've seen in people cemeteries. Crazy.

We thought the picket fence around these gave them a nice "Nightmare Before Christmas" touch.

This won my award for best name.


Cassia said...

That pet cemetery is hilarious!

I think my parents' home would look quite creepy if we made even little headstones for every "pet" buried there! Perfect for Halloween, though.

Kathryn said...

I wanted to go to the free shakespeare on Labor day! But Jon had to work, not to mention we've all been sick around here. Oh well, maybe next time. Josie probably wouldn't have enjoyed it anyway.

Shea said...

Wow, seriously?! That is crazy funny! I had no idea they had actual pet cemeteries.

Looks like you had a great time on Labor Day!!! I also really like your family picture..how often does someone have a family picture next to a sign that says Pet Cemetery. :)