Monday, September 15, 2008


Steve surprised me Friday with lunch and a movie. Oh wait, it gets better . . . a Sophie-less lunch at P.F. Chang's (drool) and a sorta-creepy-but-Christian-Bale-was-in-it-so-that-made-it-better movie aka The Dark Knight. That was the third trip to the theater we've had since Sophie was born. We don't get out much anymore.

Anyway, snaps to Steve for a great anniversary afternoon. :)

My mom sent me this card, and I had to show you since it made me laugh a lot. She knows me well and my aversion to sappy greeting cards.

Inside: Happy Anniversary!


Team Chilton said...

The more I get to know you, the more I realize how alike we are. Not like EVERYTHING alike, but funny little things. I HATE sappy greeting cards. JD and like cards, even love ones, ONLY if they are funny. Syrup belongs on pancakes and waffles, not cards.
I'll have to find that card now.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Awesome card. Congrats on the anniversary again. Dark Knight I think is the best movie I've seen this year.

The Rogers said...

That card is cute, its one my mom would send too LOL. Way to go Steve!
I loved The dark night! Ledger was really good as the Joker.

Erin Ann said...

this is too's the same card I gave to Reid this year for our anniversary. We must have the same sick taste - although I already knew that when we met :) Happy Anniversary!

Natalie said...

Erin... right before I read your comment, I was looking through my mission book (the one that gets passed around and written in) and ran across the "poorly drawn head" girl you taped in there. Talk about reliving the MTC :) We did have some good laughs!