Sunday, September 07, 2008


Yes, his name is, in fact, Carter. Carter Ray Phillips to be exact.

I bet my Dad's buttons are bustin' off his shirt to have another namesake. :)


Deep in the Heart of Texas said...

That is a great name. I love your Dad. He's hilarious. And Carter is such a cutie! Tell them we said congrats!
(oh yeah - we just got Hillie's wedding annoucement. It's really cute. And weird at the same time. That wedding will be a party! Too bad we will have to miss it. Have a good time for us!)

Shea said...

Congrats to you both & your brother! I really like the name Carter. I miss small babies. He is super cute!

Natalie said...

Ya, I really like that name, too. In fact, my first boy was going to be named Carter. I guess I'll be scratching that off my list. ;)