Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Whenever I tell people that my girls are 18 months apart, they always tell me stories of themselves or their children who are the best of friends with a sibling close in age. Sophie and Ivy really like each other so far. Sophie gives Ivy toys to play with and occasionally sits on her or shares her snacks. It's all out of love, of course. Ivy's face always lights up when Sophie's around and thinks it's hysterical when Sophie jumps up and down.

Maybe they should add another warning sticker to the Bumbo. Hmm.

I took the girls in for their checkups this week and here are their stats:

Height - 34 in (50th per.)
Weight - 24.5 lbs (20th per.)

Height - 24 in (5th per.)
Weight - 12 lbs (around 1st per.)

Yes, 12 pounds. Ivy, my six-month-old, weighs just 12 pounds. I know she eats. I'm with her every time she does, which is still about every two to three hours around the clock. I think we're going to start her on solids this week. Maybe some avocados will plump her up.


Jessica said...

Wow, I hope our kids get along so easily so early. I'm sure they will be close friends. I always wanted a sister my age.
12 lbs! What a feather weight.

Jones Town said...

What beautiful, petite little girls! Ryan goes in next week for a 6 mo. checkup...I know he is at least 16 lbs! He makes Ivy look tiny! Sweet little things!

Cassia said...

Natalie, I wouldn't worry too much about her height. As long as she doesn't look gaunt or dehydrated or starts acting lethargic, she's probably fine. Babies grow at different rates, and have different body types. Sophie's not exactly high on the weight end, either. :) In fact, looking at the "weight vs height" chart, Ivy and Sophie are at about the same place (between 10-25%). Remember - the charts show a range, and someone will always be in the top/bottom of that range. :)

I still remember my mom's story about my brother - he was really low in both height and weight, and the doctor asked, "Now, I've told you how to fatten them up, haven't I?" My mom responded, "What good would that do? Then I'd just have a short, fat kid." :) My brother's fine. :)

By the way, it was sweet to read a bit about their relationship. I think it will get even more fun as Ivy grows in her ability to play - Jonathan and Emma have the best time playing together now. :)