Sunday, May 31, 2009

Some pics for you

. . . because I feel like I should post some. I do want to tell you about Sophie's first haircut over the weekend, but I have yet to take an "after" shot. Today would have been a good day because she was dressed for church, but. . . sigh. It just didn't happen.

Another tub shot. I love these.

Ever seen the book, Stuff On My Cat? It's a silly book with photos of cats with things piled on top of them. Well, this is Stuff On My Baby. I've been trying to figure out how to get Ivy to sleep longer during her naps, and putting a heavy blanket on her seems to work. Steve added a pillow for good measure.

Read to your baby.

Daddy's time with Ivy.

Sophie found these glasses and decided they were the coolest thing ever. They would be, if they weren't infant-sized. At least they match her shirt.

A few other tidbits. . .

Steve is finishing up another quarter of chiropractic school -- his 7th quarter (out of 12). It's hard to believe we're over halfway done. He starts working in the clinic this summer which means I'll soon be under the care of "Dr. Steve" as everyone there calls him. I'm excited that he gets to start using what he's learned all of these months.

Ivy likes her avocado-goat milk mush a lot better than her rice cereal-goat milk mush. Why goat milk? I can't use breastmilk because I can't pump. Nothing comes out. Not even with a double-electric an hour and a half after I feed her. Goat's milk is closer to breastmilk than cow's milk, and it has a higher fat content, which may give my little girl a few more rolls.

Let's see, what else? Oh, Sophie can open the fridge now, and has started sitting on the potty again. (After she peed that one time she quit sitting there all together.) No business being done, but at least she's sitting again. We give her an M&M just for that. She always wants yellow ones.

Nothing new with me. If I sewed more (I keep trying to like it, but it just isn't happening.), I would make one of these.


Rebecca said...

I love Sophie's strut! Looks like the sunglasses give her some extra panache (as if she needs it, though.)

Jones Town said...

What cute girls! Ryan has been spoiled and has slept in his swing for 6 months. (Plus he had a few colds and could breathe better in the swing). Anyway, now we are weaning him out of the swing..which means naps are in his crib. He doesn't like it and won't nap any longer than 30 min to an hour (sigh). Good luck with the goats milk/avacado solid foods. Ryan will eat bananas. Period. He has started spitting everything else!! (My other kids weren't spitters.) Raising kids is so much fun! Life is fun, isn't it? :)

Jessica said...

We tried putting one of those rice bags on Adelyn when she was younger when she slept. It seemed to work well. It's like she thought it was our hand on her.
Those baby proof fridge locks are great. That was our great discovery.

Savages said...

I love the picture of Ivy with the blanket and pillow on her, that's so what we have to do with our babies too!
Sophie is getting so big! Love the sunglasses!

Lorraine said...

Hahaha. That's how I feel about sewing, too. I keep trying to like it, but everytime I try to make some article of clothing, I remember why I hate sewing clothes.

Yvonne Hansen said...

Your kids are both so darling! Brianna cut her own hair today! Aww! Luckily I caught her before too much damage was made. She was like, look mom! Funny, but only because I caught it in time :)

Missy said...

Natalie!!! Welcome to Idaho...Hopefully you don't float away with ALL the rain! It's so good to see your little girls getting so big! I can't believe how much Sophie has changed!