Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Second Children

Ivy uses her binkie as a plaything. Putting it into her mouth when she's upset just makes her more upset. Bummer.

All the jokes about the decreased number of photos that parents take of their second children aren't jokes. They're pretty accurate actually. At least in my family. And Steve's. I, the first born, have a giant box full of baby pictures (some of which I attempted to scrapbook as a Laurel project. Ugh. Didn't get very far.) My brother has about 12. Steve is also a second child, and I think I have only seen three pictures of him as a baby. That's just the way it is.

Poor Ivy. Even though we consciously try to take pictures of her, we still take more of Sophie because everything she does is a novelty. I didn't even have a "Happy Six Month Birthday Ivy" post ready like I did with Sophie. I'm 2 days late. I'm also very tired. (We're still getting up every other hour most nights. AHHHH!)

So here you go, Ivy. Happy Six Months (and two days)!

Here's a little clip of her very first taste of something solid -- avocado. I love how nonchalant she is.


ElegantSnobbery said...

Aw, shes so cute!! You'll take more pictures of her later. I didn't take a whole lot of Annelie, compared to her big sister, but now that she is two, I take pictures of her like crazy. Usually Gracie is in the picture, but she still has a billion pictures all of her.

Love that eating video! She is such a doll! Annelie was scary when it came to mealtimes when she was a baby. We had to put her on solids when she was 3 months old, because she wouldn't stop grabbing my meatball marinara sub sandwiches and shoving them in her mouth, hungry for more. Silly kid. She still eats everyone in our house under the table.

Jessica said...

She's so pretty. I love how calm she is about the whole thing. So cute.

Kathryn said...

She did really well for her first solids! Good job, Ivy!

Sarah Junsay said...

It gets better with the 3rd. Jonah is taking pictures of Maddox for me. Otherwise, there wouldn't be any of the poor guy! You just have to train Sophie on how to use your camera!!
I love how Ivy is trying to suck on the spoon. ADORABLE!!

Hilary & Adam said...

So the 1st born gets all the pictures and attention..2nd born kind of gets forgotten, and then the 3rd has the video camera on her all the time..poor Dev :)

Lorraine said...

I think she likes the avocado! Yep, Ellen begs to take pictures of Rose and Jack with the camera. Hers always turn out a little blurry, though.

McKell said...

My daughter still gets up a lot at night but I haven't been able to bring myself to let her cry it out so I'm still overtired! Ivy is so cute! She really does have bright eyes; they are so big!

Jones Town said...

Ivy is so pretty. Way to go with the solids. You are doing better about posting than I am. Ryan is also 6 months old but I am waiting until tomorrow to post anything. He as a Dr. appointment and I want to be able to post his stats. We have been sneaking him solids for a while now...just couldn't take getting up so often at night anymore. As soon as we started givig him cereal at night, he slept all night! Good luck!