Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Explanation and Our Birthdays

I've had a lot of people ask me about that photo, so here's the story . . . (although it really isn't much of one) All of your captions were hilarious. You really didn't expect me to pick just one, did you? (Or to send a piece of cake through the mail, . . . c'mon.)

I was in the kitchen making dinner and had to put Ivy down in the living room because I needed both hands for something. I figured Steve could watch her because he was out front with Sophie and the door was open.

Only he wasn't out front. He had taken Sophie for a walk down the street. After a few minutes I hear a little yelp from the porch (which is literally 8 steps from the kitchen) and I found Ivy on the welcome mat looking a little confused.

That's all. It was a classic case of both parents thinking the other was watching the child. It was just funny to see her on the porch like that. The same thing happened Saturday as we were hauling some things to the neighbor's house. Only that time she made it down without falling out of the house. She's a determined little bugger.

I had a great birthday yesterday. It seemed like any other Monday except Steve came home from school early, he cleaned up the kitchen after dinner like I do it (Am I the only one who has a different definition of "doing the dishes" than my husband? I doubt it. Steve's a rockstar.), and I turned 29 for the first time, which means I've officially stopped aging. It was a good day.

Steve's birthday is tomorrow. He's going to be ahem30ahem. (Unlike women, men continue to age after 29.) I think he's fine with it, though. If it bugs him he hasn't said anything. (Which isn't surprising. I'm the vocal one out of the two of us.)

I have some pics and things to post from a shin-dig we had on Saturday, but in the meantime . . .

Happy Birthday Hon!


Jones Town said...

Happy Birthday guys!!

Sarah said...

It's a good thing I said something Sunday!! =) I love you two and your cute cute girls. BTW, Matt and I totally have a different definition of doing dishes. Unfortunatly, his definition involves doing an amazingly complete job the first time, and mine involves waiting for the dish washer to finish before I start the next round.

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday! That's fun that your birthdays are so close to each other.

Kathryn said...

EVERY woman has a different definition of "what doing the dishes" is than her husband! Ugh, don't get me started.

Kathryn said...

Also, I forgot to say that I think your picture with Steve is way cute!