Friday, August 07, 2009


After Ivy scooted her way across the floor yesterday to suck on some crayons and kept getting into the shoe basket, Steve and I decided that she's finally mobile. Still slow and easily manageable, but definitely mobile. Gone are the days of leaving her on the couch to play, which was nice because Sophie scatters all of her "chokeables" on the floor.

She's working on getting her legs coordinated, but army crawls pretty well -- more than what she does in these clips. Of course, kids never do their best tricks when mom and dad try to show them off.


Jones Town said...

Ryan does the army crawl too! He is beginning to get more coordinated but he is FAST! I have to be diligent with reminding the bigger kids to keep their little toys picked up!

Devin said...

This Christmas is going to be so much fun! Carter and Ivy both will be walking and causing havoc all over mom and dad's house! :)