Monday, August 24, 2009

A Spiral, A Skeleton, and Some Skin

Sophie's into drawing circles lately. And spirals. This one on the porch caught my eye, and I thought it was pretty impressive for a two-year-old.

This handsome fellow is my semi-annual craft. (I don't do a lot of them, can you tell?) I found this kit at Michael's for next to nothing, so I bought it, let Sophie paint all over the pieces, then put it together and we gave it to Steve for his birthday. Appropriate for a chiropractor-in-training, eh? I think he loves it. It's sitting on his dresser as we speak.

Actually for our birthdays we decided that we needed a night out. Our last child-less date was our anniversary last year in September. It was time to ditch the kiddos. Best birthday present ever.

I like the polka dot pelvis.

I don't think I mentioned that I got one of the worst sunburns of my life last week. I took the girls to the pool and had enough sense to put sunscreen on them, but not on me. Seriously, what was I thinking? Thanks to my SPF 15 facial moisturizer, my face was saved, but my poor back, who hadn't seen that much sun in years, fried up like a pizza under a broiler. (Whoa, control your thoughts at 10PM, Nat.) Not only was my skin on fire, but it felt like my muscles were somehow fried, too. I was sore to the bone. I've been basically "untouchable" for almost a week now, which included Steve's birthday, my first adjustment by him at the clinic (I still let him, but it hurt), and one day last week when he got out of class early and we could have gone to the beach. I ruined EVERYTHING!

Now I'm in the itchy-peeling stage. And, well, . . . not to get all nudey on you or anything, but

This is just as much of me as you would see if I had my suit on. I promise.

anyone up to a peel fest? I know my sister would jump at this. Maybe my mom, too. I tried to peel it off myself, but got cramps in my neck.


Britty said...

Now that is a CUTE little skeleton idea that any chiropractor would love! We might have to copy you. I think it would look cute in the office!

McKell said...

Ewww... that sucks. You only were adjusted once by your hubby so far?

Jessica said...

I really like your skeleton too. I might have to see if they have any left at our Michaels.

Anonymous said...

Awww, sorry about the sunburn, that's no fun!

Try a sugar scrub to help the peeling... a little exfoliation should help things along a little faster.

fun post by the way, you take the best pictures!

Sara said...

Call me disgusting, but I really want to peel that skin!! I must be like your sister! I love pulling out ingrown hairs from my husband's face too. Some weird thing I like to do, I guess! :)

Kathryn said...

oh man! I'm sorry about your sunburn, that's the worst for us whities!

I love the skeleton idea, BTW.