Thursday, December 31, 2009

December Part 1

1. Ivy got her first tooth on Nov 30th. A big, giant hippo tooth on the top. Today she got her fourth. Now she's got two on top and two on the bottom.


2. We made our first fort in the living room.


Ivy dug it.


Sophie found a new nap spot for a couple of days.


3. I was crafty for a couple of hours
(shocking, I know), and found a way to use the scrapbook paper I have piled up. (I don't scrapbook. I just like patterns. Psst. . . thanks Kathryn for making me realize that.)

Tutorial HERE.

4. Santa came to our ward activity.

Sophie didn't want to stand in line to see him, but her two favorite boys in the ward were there, so she did anyway.


I love pictures of Asher and Sophie. He eats the meat, she eats the bun -- they're soulmates.


Ivy didn't like Santa. (She doesn't like anyone, so it wasn't a big surprise.)


I mean she really didn't like Santa. Sophie was embarrassed I think.

At this point Ivy almost slid out from under Santa's arm. She was seriously stressed out.

To be continued. . .

Oh, and Happy New Year!


Cynthia said...

The Santa pictures crack me up! Ivy has the LONGEST eyelashes- what a little stunner.

I also have tons of scrapbook paper piled up and likely for the same reason you do. I love crafting in general rather than scrapbooking in specific.

Aleisha Z. Coleman said...

i collect fabric the way it sounds you collect paper, same reason....i don't really color, pattern, texture--oh what shall we do with ourselves? love the pics

Kathryn said...

beautiful wreath! I want to make one too. Also, I just bought a stack of scrapbooking papers with nifty 50's style atomic patterns. Not sure yet what I'm going to do with them!

Leora said...

I LOVE Ivy's eyelashes in the first picture! Your little ladies are beautiful!