Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Thanksgiving . . . and other stuff

I'm miserably behind in blogging, as I am with most things. Especially Christmas prep. I always think to myself, "Next year I'm totally starting in August." But I never do. And I always wish I did.

Anyway, here's a little report about the last two weeks. . .

Decorating for Christmas

Yes, we did it before Thanksgiving. And no, I don't feel like we pushed Thanksgiving aside either. We're going to be gone for a week and a half during December and I wanted the girls to enjoy them for a while before we leave.

We didn't put up our tree, though. #1 reason was because we have no space left to put it. Too many toys in the front room. Like last year, we'll (I'll) have to go through and purge and reorganize their toys before Santa drops his load. (Please make it light this year, OK Santa? Oh, and nothing that makes noise, please. Thanks! :))


11 - November
I'm not posting pics of all the decorations because they're kinda silly and mismatched. (One reason why I love my tree -- it's matchy-matchy.) But I wanted to show you these little white trees. Once again the dollar section of Target came through :) The trees were $2.50 a piece and each tube of ornaments were $2.50 (I bought one for each tree). Plus they're plastic, unbreakable, and not swallowable.

Ivy's Birthday Party

In case you're curious, she's 28.5 inches long and um. . . about 15.5 lbs. Sigh. I think it's a combination of being incredibly picky about food, me not producing tons of milk, and now that she's climbing on everything and cruising around, she burns even more energy. The doctor isn't terribly worried, but did mention that they may consider checking her thyroid. Might not be a bad idea.

So we invited all of Ivy's little friends over for some dessert. Ivy liked her birthday "cake". After the disaster of Sophie's first birthday (complete with rash and vomiting), I didn't want to take any chances so I made her a blueberry muffin and topped it with whipped cream. She ate the WHOLE THING. Ivy's only picky about things that are good for her. Sure, I could fatten her up easily if I gave her a truckload of muffins.

By the way, whipped cream is a great substitute for frosting - if you're not worried about giving your baby dairy. It cleaned up SO easily and didn't get stuck to everything.

I love this picture. Ever since the baby boom last fall I've wanted to get all the babies together for a picture. This one is perfect, too. I can't believe we got all of their attentions at the same time. (The two on the left were born in September, the two on the right were November, and the middle guy was December.)


We spent Thanksgiving in Sacramento with Steve's family. We left that morning and Sophie helped get Ivy ready by "fixing" her hair - getting her hands wet and rubbing water all over Ivy's head.



The day after Thanksgiving we took a trip to the Sacramento Zoo. Sophie's always up for a trip to the zoo, but we tend to go a little earlier in the day. She just couldn't stay awake on the drive over, and ended up sleeping half the time.


Ivy had fun, though. This was the first trip to the zoo where she was awake for the whole thing and actually noticed that there were animals there.


Ivy's favorite thing, though, was the zoo map. It had a picture of a leopard (I think) on it and she had one in each hand practically the whole time. And she went nuts when we actually saw it in person.


11 - November1

This is probably the best smiling photo we have of Miss Stone-Faced Ivy. (And kind of a weird photo of me. Where did that extra chin come from?) I think she hurts the feelings of little old ladies who talk to her in the grocery store. She's hard to crack sometimes.

Oh, look who woke up and joined the party . . .


I usually don't take photos of the animals at the zoo (Seriously what would I do with them? Scrapbook them?), but a few of them won me over.

Starred Photos
The one on the top is a bongo. It looks like a zebra and an addax had a love child. The bottom left is a red panda and of course, there were flamingos. They were a lot brighter in color than the ones we have at the zoo here.

"Smile, Sophie!"



Chelsea said...

Natalie - I love the million updates in one post method you have going on here. Kept me on my toes!

And I LOVE Ivy's little red outfit. To die for cute!

Cassia said...

Non-breakable, non-swallowable decorations are definitely the way to go. :) We're still planning to put up the tree this year, but I'm nervous that Kathryn may pull it down or something (she's trying to climb things now). We'll see how that goes.

I love using whipped cream as "frosting"!

The photos of Sophie "doing" Ivy's hair are adorable.

You make a very good point about the taking pictures of the animals. I tend to get caught in the trap of doing that (hey - that's not something we usually see!) and then get home with a bunch of fairly useless pictures. I like your family-center pictures much better. :)

Cynthia said...

You've been so busy! Lots of cute pictures. The one with all the babies is adorable.

I love Sophie's skirt with the pom poms. So cute!

Jones Town said...

Cute pictures. We are planning to put up our tree and I also have unbreakable ornaments. My older kids have figured out how to break them, though. Put them under the rocking chair and rock down hard! Someone's getting in trouble if that happens this year! LOL! Love the zoo photos. Ivy the kangaroo is so adorable. Yay for 2 teeth!

McKell said...

Your kids are so adorable! Evelyn used to hate grocery store employees also, she's just recently changed her mind about them.

Jessica said...

You're good. I haven't even thought about decorations. And so smart. I have a huge box full of glass ornaments. Not so brilliant on my part.
Sophie's skirt is dang cute.

Mary said...

Your girls are so cute, and I really like the pictures of you with Ivy and Steve with Sophie in this post.

And thanks for your sweet comment on facebook! I'll be sure to share more pictures as we get them. :)