Thursday, December 31, 2009

December Part 2

Here's where the fun began . . .

5. Opening presents at home.

Stockings were pretty simple this year.


Since Ivy was so enthralled with the "big cats" at the zoo during Thanksgiving, we got her a set of postcards from the gift shop. She loves them. (Both girls do.) I think I'm going to put them in a little photo album.


6. The first stop on our Christmas trek: Great-Grandma & Grandpa Henderson's house.

And the first time either of them have seen snow (that Sophie remembers at least.) They stood by the window forever looking at it. And there were only a few scuffs of snow on the ground.


After we opened gifts, Sophie ran her new baby stroller (with her pink glittery purse hanging from the handle) all over the house. Yes, the floors are red. Red vinyl stuff. It rocks. The previous owners of the house had a. . . um. . . unique sense of style. We loved the red floors when we were kids, so my grandparents kept it the way it was -- at least in the basement.


Oh why do I not do her hair before we take pics? She doesn't look homeless all the time. Maybe 72% of the time.


Such a cute little mommy. I think this was the favorite gift from Christmas.


7. Second stop: Grandma and Grandpa Phillips' house.

I'm glad she found other uses for the stroller -- like entertaining Ivy.



We found this little couch at Downeast Home and couldn't resist getting a shot of them in it.


8. The cousins bonded.

Unlike the girls, I don't think Carter's used to having company in the bathtub. Grandma's tub was plenty big, though.


9. Steve got creative for a few minutes, too. I didn't see this picture until we got home.


10. Sophie and Grandpa fed the horses. One of Sophie's favorite parts from the trip was riding in the tractor with Grandpa when he fed the horses. She still talks about it.

She looked so cute all bundled up, too. She could barely walk with all that on.





This is my favorite picture from the batch . . . and perhaps from all of our Christmas pictures.


Hopefully I'll post more when I get a few from my dad. I'm surprised we had all these. Maybe we're getting better at documenting our own stuff. :)

We had a wonderful Christmas with everyone! Thanks Mom & Dad for hosting the whole circus!


Jones Town said...

I love that picture of your dad and sophie! If it were my dad I would frame it and give it to him! Brings back lots of memories.

Kathryn said...

what great memories! (Josie's hair makes her look homeless 99% of the time, btw, so don't feel bad.)

Becka Dietrich said...

Nat, as always you take such wonderful pictures; they add so much to your stories. Glad you were all happy and healthy over the holidays.

McKell said...

Cute pj's! Evelyn has the exact ones! By the way the cat pic made me crack up.