Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Family Pics 2009

We got these photos taken in November, but I couldn't post them until after Christmas. We had Jana Beck do them (Jana Laurene Photography). She lives in Utah and goes to BYU, but she's from the Bay Area, so we snagged her on one of her trips home. She's wonderful and worked with the girls really well. :)

Thanks Jana - we love them!

This is the family shot we decided to blow up for the living room:


I also like this one a lot because you could see Ivy's whole outfit, but Sophie's being a frowny-face for some reason.


I liked this one, too.


You have to have at least one candid on, right?


I love this one of Steve and his girls :)


And this one. . .


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one.


Jana did a great photoshop job "fixing" Sophie's impetigo spots on her chin. You can barely tell there was anything there.


Love this one, too.


I wish we'd have gotten more of just the girls together, but they weren't cooperating very well. (Hm. Imagine that.)


I love the ones she got of Ivy, though. They make me turn to mush on the inside.


I couldn't just leave it at that one . . .

Ivy collage

(My only complaint would be my hair. I hadn't had a cut in 6 months and waited an extra month or so just so I could have a fresh cut before the pics were taken. Things fell through, and it didn't end up happening, thus my hair looks like straw. I could go on about other things, but I'll spare you my self-criticism. The end.)


Aleisha Z. Coleman said...

they turned out great! you have such a handsome family and the candid shots turned out so cute! your hair is cute, you are more critical than anyone else, of course i think we all suffer from that curse:) loved your paper wreath you made the other post!

Sara said...

I was just thinking that your hair was really cute. I like the wavy look a lot! Your girls are beautiful! Ivy's lips are so perfectly shaped. What cute girls! All the pics turned out great!

AlyGatr said...

Just gorgeous! It's my dream (really!) to have pics taken like that...outside...natural...casual. Around here though...they are SOOOO pricey. Instead, we got stuck (against my will I might add) with really lame pics at Walmart that turned out awful.

Erin Ann said...

They look so darn cute. I love the one that you "LOVE LOVE LOVE" as well! It's so fun. Your hair looks awesome - not like straw you silly girl you. Gorgeous family!

Becka Dietrich said...

I love all of the pictures, and Natalie you look great. (I didn't even notice your hair). Your family is beautiful - the girls are so darling!

Jessica said...

I think your hair looks good. You do not have straw hair. Ha, that reminds me of Scrubs. Anyways, they look great. I cant wait to see the ones she took of Cole.

Natalie said...

I really wasn't fishing for compliments... I guess my hair looks weird to me because I had totally straightened it before I left the house and it was foggy & humid when we went outside. :)

Jessica - You haven't gotten your pics yet?? I would bug her about it. We almost didn't get ours in time to print them out for Christmas.

Sare said...

I love the way yours turned out. I wish our boys had cooperated more to have that many options for the family shots. Jana does an awesome job, and your family is gorgeous anyway...winning combination I'd say! (My fave is still the head tilt one you put on the sidebar...I love the smiles in that one)

Being Ausmus said...

Aww Natalie such great pictures!!! She really is a great photographer I looked at her site. Too bad I don't live in Utah. You so made me want to go get family pic's taken...after the baby and I'm down some pounds I'll do it:)!!!

Andrea said...

Darling pictures. I'm currently on the hunt for a photographer for our family and little sweethearts!

I love all the posts and I think I'm going to do that wreath next year. So cute!! What a great craft!

Your girls are super cute.

kimberlyperry said...

These pictures totally made me cry :) Those little ones are just the cutest-- like perfect little angels! You two certainly produce adorable children... I'd like to place an order for at least 4 more, please ;-)