Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rainy Day Stuff

It's been raining buckets lately. More than it ever has since we've lived here. We've spent a lot of time inside trying not to drive each other crazy.

Sophie and I did mani-pedis during Ivy's nap. She picked out the colors for my toes as well. My multi-colored pedi is beginning to grow on me.


Jenga blocks make a pretty good zoo.



Speaking of the zoo, we went to the zoo one day a couple of weeks ago before the heavens started dumping. I took a picture of the kids buckled in because they looked cute, then I left my camera in the car while we were at the zoo. Pity, because it was the perfect day. The lions actually roared and walked around, and we saw all of the animals up close and active.

For all you SYTYCD fans, doesn't Sophie look like she's dressed for a Wade Robson number?

Another day it stopped raining for about an hour so we went up to the temple to take our babies for walks. Sophie and I were both really happy to have our strollers back. We left them in Idaho during Christmas break and Grandpa sent them to us. Thanks again!

Starred Photos2

Sometimes the girls get really bored so they sit on the couch and make the same faces.




chels said...

A zoo! Good idea. I am sick of building garages and car washes with our blocks. And soph does look like a sytycd contestant. I hate those days when you are stuck inside and can't go anywhere. That is part of the reason why B isn't potty trained yet. I did two days of it, then almost went crazy because we couldn't go anywhere for 48 hours. I'm sure he could be potty trained within 3 days, but I just don't have the patience!!

Erin Ann said...

Love the same faces!! Cracks me up. Where are your toes, missy?

Jessica said...

Being inside for too long is a killer. They are dang cute in their carseats.

McKell said...

Your girls are darling!

Cassia said...

I love the Jenga blocks zoo! And the pictures of the girls with the same expression - so cute! :)

ElegantSnobbery said...

LOL, those multi-color pedis are adorable!! I've never in my life thought of painting my hands and feet more than one color at a time... yeah, I'm not that creative, am I?

I'll have to try that with my girls... they'll love it!