Thursday, January 28, 2010


We got a new car a few weeks ago. Well, new to us. It's a '93 Accord. OK, it's old, but it only has 68K miles on it, and it's immaculate. We bought it from an elderly man who lives around the corner from us. He only drove it once and a while, but kept it washed.


A week or so later. . .


Our other, newer Honda got hit while parked on the street in front of our house by a kid who was playing with his iPod while driving. Oh, and he lives about 5 houses down and had just pulled out of his driveway. Now we're part of the rapidly growing "our car has been vandalized, hit and/or stolen" club of our little neighborhood.

I told Steve it was a good thing we had just bought that other car, but then he reminded me that our white car wouldn't have been parked on the street if we hadn't have gotten the black one. Sigh. I hate car problems.

We just got word from our insurance company this week that they're going to fix it. We thought for sure it would have been totaled. The damage was $3700 and our car is only worth about $3600. Phew.

Interesting side-note: Our first summer here our neighbor had his car parked in that exact spot and a guy on a motorcycle ran into his car. Who was that guy? The brother of the guy that hit our car. That family should enroll themselves in a drivers ed refresher.


Andrea said...

That's ironic. Sorry about that. Car problems just suck up so much time and not to mention money. Good thing the insurance company covers it.

Cassia said...

Oh no! Very glad to hear the insurance company will fix your car!

Erin Ann said...

I HATE CAR PROBLEMS....amen to those feelings. I'm sorry about your car and hope you can catch those stinkin' boys. Perhaps you should park on your front lawn. It could ruin the grass, but save you a lot on bad neighborhood drivers!

Kathryn said...

Nice honda! That's exactly the kind of car that Jon is trying to find. He wants to sell his gas guzzler and get something more pocketbook friendly.