Friday, February 19, 2010

Ivy and the Sunglasses

Have you ever sat and watched your kids (or grandkids) with your teeth clenched? Like they're being so cute that you just want to eat them? I tend to get that way around Ivy, in the least cannibalistic way possible. The emotion is hard to explain. Maybe it's just the women in my family. . .

I love Ivy. I especially love having one-on-one time with her because she's so happy-go-lucky when there isn't a big sister bossing her around, taking things from her or knocking her over. (I've been struggling with Sophie lately. Anyone want to borrow her for a while?)


Ivy is fearless, impulsive and a complete tease. She's very expressive and you know exactly what she's thinking or feeling at any given time. I guess what she lacks in stature, she makes up for in personality. I sat and watched her one afternoon playing with the glasses my mom sent the girls for V-Day.


I about died from cuteness overload.




Oh my gosh, these teeth. . . I love them so much. And they make me laugh every time she smiles.



My jaws are getting sore just looking at these again.


ElegantSnobbery said...

AW!! My jaws got sore just looking at all of them, too!!

and I know just how you feel. I find myself just staring at my kids, soaking in everything they do and say. I think it creeps Gracie out a little, but Annelie doesn't notice yet :)

Heather said...

Love the pics! Her front teeth look like Gavin's! It would be fun to get those two together. Gavin's walking now and so into animal books! Love how your camera works! Congrats on Sophie's potty training! It's nice to be done with diapers!

Jessica said...

oh man, she is so cute. she has the perfect little face. little girl's in heart glasses are so cute.

Aleisha Z. Coleman said...

oh. my. gosh. how fun are those pictures! i could eat her up,too. totally get it! i wish i could be a stay at home aunt so i could eat up my nieces and nephews!

Lauren said...

Totally understand the cannibalistic desires!

Sare said...

Asher and Sophie can hang out if you ever need me to borrow her. I totally understand the "I could just eat them up" desire. Only, for me, Asher's over that him, but don't want to consume him. Silas, however is another story.
I love Ivy and her teeth! You can totally see that next one is pushing, hopefully coming out soon.

Jones Town said...

Cute, cute pictures. I'm totally in the same stage with Ryan. Can I tell you my favorite thing about this post? The dirty face and dirty shirt! It makes me feel better about my kids with dirty faces and dirty shirts. And the fact that Hannah's hair never seems to be combed in any of the pictures I take of her. Haha!

Devin said...

Ya... I pretty much have the cutiest neices EVER! No biasism here.... Just complete truth!

Ellen said...

My Favorite is the one where she is looking over the glasses with one eye. I think you are raising a movie star there.

Too cute and fun. I love it.