Tuesday, May 24, 2011

2 going on 15


Do I really need to say anything about that photo? I think it's self-explanatory. That little thing she's holding plays music and goes with a book (from your house, mom... it ended up coming home with us. Oops.) It kind of looks and functions like a toddler version of an iPod.

05 - May8

The days she lets me do anything to her hair are so rare. I think we're at once or twice a week. . . maybe. She looks so grown-up in those pics. It kills me. I'm glad she's tiny and cuddly still. It keeps me from thinking third baby thoughts.

05 - May9

The girls helped make Mother's Day cards for the grandmas.


I'm not sure what this was about - I didn't even know Steve took it. I like their faces, though. Typical.

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Natasha Wade said...

Sophie's look is great!