Thursday, May 05, 2011


After I did Sophie's hair one morning, Ivy wanted me to do the same thing to hers. It was the first time I'd attempted double French braids on Ivy because he hair is super thin. It worked, though!







Too bad she had it all pulled out by lunchtime... sigh.


Rebecca said...

Very nice! I already know that Emily will probably have to get her hair braided by someone else because I haven't the least idea how to do cutesy things with hair...

Andrea said...

Natalie, I've missed your blog! I keep forgetting that it's private and have been wondering why you haven't been updating, but alas, you are. I hope Reno is treating you well!!! Looks like the girls are a bunch of laughs! How fun!

Jodi said...

Good job on the braids! It gets easier and easier with more practice. And someday they start to hold still too! (Or at least I hope they do-speaking from experience!)

Kell said...

so cute! not too long ago i learned how to french braid and i love doing it to evelyn's hair.