Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Easter Goods

04 - April27

Between Steve having to work on Saturdays and responsibilities I had a church we ended up staying home for Easter. It never feels quite right without lots of family around (from either side), but we got to do the girls' Easter baskets for the first time! So fun!

We kept it pretty simple. Nightgowns, puzzles, bubbles and a handful of eggs filled with Jelly Bellys. And a sprinkler thingy for them to play out in the yard with when it gets hot.

04 - April28

We never had an egg hunt until Monday, though. Steve felt weird all day Sunday and was crashed out in our room most of the afternoon. Ivy fell asleep on the way home from church, so Sophie and I had a "date" Easter dinner. Again, super simple. Just grilled salmon, roasted asparagus and a yummy salad. I love not falling into a food coma after I eat.

So yes... the egg hunts went on for several days that week. It was their favorite thing to do in the afternoon.


They took turns hiding the eggs, and then showing each other where the eggs were.



When it was Ivy's turn to hid the eggs, Sophie didn't have too much trouble finding them.

My mom always sends the girls pretty dresses for Easter. (Thanks Mom!)



Hilary said...

Cute! I helped pick out the dresses with mom...they look so cute in them!

James and Monica said...

So, grilled salmon, roasted asparagus, and salad...not my definition of simple. :D lol.
They're looking so much bigger.

Natalie said...

TOTALLY simple. Everything was done in under 30 minutes. How many Easter dinners can claim that? :)