Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Odds & Ends

While I work on Sophie's interview post, here's a few random little photos that I've been meaning to post....
04 - April30

Steve is such a cute girl dad. He'll be a cute boy dad, too, someday (Hopefully... I don't think our house needs any more estrogen.)


There is never an inappropriate time to wear heals. Or a tutu. Especially while gardening.

05 - May13
Sophie got some sportsy stuff for her birthday - a bat and ball, as well as a little plastic set of golf clubs. I took them outside and explained what they were for. After blank stares, they made up their own games and pretty soon the baseball bat and golf clubs turned into canes and hiking sticks.

05 - May11

When Ivy starts giving out kisses, she's very thorough. She makes sure all of her bases are covered: eyes, ears, nose, and... teeth. Believe me, that was her idea.


Here's a photo from Mother's Day. I look a little worn out -- maybe because I didn't get to lay around in bed all morning. Nope, ward counsel at 8AM. Seriously, who does that??


You know those mornings when you didn't get enough sleep because you stayed up too late partying in your bedroom? And the light hurts your eyes?


I'm not sure if that was one of those mornings or if they just wanted to be "cool girls" at breakfast.


Beckie said...

Little Baby Hang overs!!! I"m sure you can cook them somethingup to cure that! Porter cries about the light some mornings- especially when i open teh fridge--

Natasha Wade said...

Super cute!!! I love them all. Especially the sunglasses that made me laugh.
Miss you. Hope that you are having a good week.

Kathryn said...

LOL! The last photo of Sophie cracks me up! love it

Missy said...

Love the pictures Nat! I can't believe how big your kids!! And you are beautiful!