Saturday, November 03, 2007

6 Things of Me

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I'm afraid of Chiropractors. You know how some people have an "eye thing", where they can't stand sticking their fingers or having someone else put their fingers or drops in their eyes? Well, I have a "spine thing". The thought of having someone snap my neck or back around gives me the willies. I really need to get over this because Steve's going to be one in a few years and can't have a wife who's afraid of him. And because he's going to start clinic in the next couple of years, he will probably recruit me to practice on. Sigh...

I hate working out. Over the years I've tried to get myself on a regular exercise schedule. I've tried running, walking, step-aerobics, water aerobics, rollerblading, pilates, lifting weights, yoga, some hiking, and even played a little (VERY little) sports. Nothing seemed to keep my interest for more than 3-4 weeks (unless it was a class), and I decided that I just hate exercising. I hate being sweaty. I hate smelling. I hate having to take 2 showers a day. I hate washing my hair every day. I hate exercising in public, too. And there's no exercise so far that will get me out of bed at 6 AM. Now that I have a baby, it's even more tricky. But out of all the things I've tried, I think yoga has the best chance. My body's still sensitive to all the stretching and weight-bearing positions, but it might work out. That and taking walks with Sophie.

I secretly want to be a racecar driver. Yes, I drive a little on the fast side. And I like it. I blame my dad for that one, but at least I wear my seatbelt! I think in another life or an alternate universe I would be the Danica Patrick of society.

I like being alone. You'd think after living by myself for 18 months during Steve's deployment that I would be scared to be left alone again. Wrong! I hated it at the beginning, but over time I learned how to entertain myself, and I found that I'm not bad company. I don't prefer it over the company of good friends, though.

I like to feed people. It's probably no surprise to anyone that I like to cook. I also have an overwhelming urge to feed people. I'll give credit to my grandma for this one. I'm not always good at expressing myself verbally so good food seems to get my point across well.

I might turn into a Hippie. I tend to assimilate to my surroundings (within reason). Steve is learning a lot about nutrition in school, we've begun to recycle (it's the law here) and after making a trip to Whole Foods in Berkeley, I might be jumping on the organic/anti-processed/cloth grocery bag train. I might become a quasi-hippie, but I refuse to give up hygiene or become a birkenstock-wearing liberal.

I tag Chelsea J., Sarah J., Brynn, Jenny Penny, Andrea, and Beth.


Anonymous said...

Funny story: I read, "I'm afraid of Chiropractors," and for a moment I thought you had actually written, "I'm afraid of Velociraptors."

And if that were the case I would totally agree with you.

Anonymous said...

"Birkenstock-wearing liberal". LOL! That's funny. I go to a very liberal college, where hippie-ism is more a fashion trend than a way of life. Liberalism of the Birkenstock variety is very predominant. It's funny though, because there is a distinction between liberals and "birkenstock-wearing" liberals. I fall under the first category.

Chelsea said...

Yes, the sheer fact that Steve will be one is hilarious. Maybe this is a good thing. You never know if you'll need a chiropractor one day and Steve will ease your fears about them.

Andrea said...

Don't you love recycling? When I see how much we recycle, it makes me sad to see that other people don't. We all should be more hippie and a little less parasitic.