Monday, November 26, 2007


Lately the little munchkin has been showing signs of an independent streak. She fusses when I try to help her position her hands on her sippy cup, and last night she insisted on grabbing the spoon from me when I tried to feed her.

Hmm. . . I wonder where she gets these tendencies from? :)


Andrea said...

That is sooooo cute. Love the facial expressions. Reminds me so much of Jakob (except we haven't started solids yet). That should be happening soon!

jenn said...

Ahh, how cute is she? She definitely has a little independence streak. ;)

Sar said...

That's one dextarious little girl.

Julia said...

I can't believe she already is trying to feed herself! That is really funny.

Ellen said...

Sophie is saying this spoon tastes to good to give it back so quickly, and I'm starving. Hurry it up with the food. I just don't trust you two with something as important as my food.

Nat, I love your blog, and seeing Sophie grow.
Thanks for sharing.