Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Over the last several weeks we've slowly introduced Sophie to a few different foods. She's eating rice and oatmeal cereal as well as smashed bananas and pears. I wanted to give her a veggie this week, so I cooked up some butternut squash for her. I made sure to have the camera ready because I was positive I'd get a reaction out of her. Right before Steve started filming, I had been feeding her oatmeal.

Not exactly what I expected.


Team Chilton said...

Asher eats everything! He's licked BBQ sauce, mustard, tabasco, etc off my husband's fingers before, and asks for more. We've tried to find a food that gets him a funny reaction. Tofu. That is probably the one thing we've given him and he makes a funny face about, but then he still asks for more. 1

The Rogers said...

The girl likes good food what can ya say. She is just so cute :)

Jessica said...

She is such a doll! I too agree that making mashed potatoes out of the box is horrible. Who would do such a thing? :) Oh, I made your barley soup and both Brett and I loved it! Thanks.