Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cake #1

I wasn't sure where to post this entry, so I may just post it on both blogs.

Like I said before, I'm in a cake decorating class. Last night was the first class that we brought cakes to decorate. Everyone's turned out darling. Here's mine:

I added this shot so you can see how smooth my corners are. A-mazing.

I'll give you one guess at the flavor of the cake. Tangerine? Correct. What else would you put on a tangerine cake than a giant tangerine made of frosting? My creativity knows no bounds.

Overall I was content with the outside. The cake itself is a different story. I tried out Paula Deen's Fresh Tangerine Cake recipe. Normally you can't go wrong with Paula. I tried to do my thighs a favor and replace the oil with applesauce. Usually you can't even tell the difference. Well, my poor cake has the consistency of banana bread. That's usually OK, but I tasted it today and it's really weird. Not gross, just. . . weird. I'm not sure if it was the applesauce or something else I unknowingly did. Whatever it was, I don't think I've messed up a cake this badly before.

On the bright side, the cream cheese tangerine frosting that went with it is really good. I have a lot of faith in this recipe, so I'm going to post it to my recipe blog.

Lesson learned: When Paula puts fat in something, you best not be messin' with it.


Team Chilton said...

I love the swirly icing on the outside (I hate eating icing, but I love the decorating)....hmmmm...I see an enrichment assignment in your future. haha, good thing I'm in Primary, so you're off the hook.
Who all is in this class? I saw Missy's too. That looks like fun!

Missy said...

You are a natural! That cake is too cute! I love the little dots around the bottom! I didn't see you do that, oh yeah, I was probably blinded by my pink icing:)

Jessica said...

That's right. You don't mess with Paula.

Danica said...

Very cute! I too have taken cake decorationg classes and loved it. I just need to find more people to stuff with cake so I can make more!

Sarah said...

That totally reminds me of the comment the Pioneer Woman made about butter, as she melted a WHOLE Stick on the grill for the Manwich then threw in a few more for the sauce. Yummmm!?