Friday, April 18, 2008

Pool Party

It was 80 degrees and sunny last Saturday. I'm still in awe at the weather here.

Our neighbors had a little pool set up for their 16-month-old son and invited Sophie to come out and play. The pool is adorable, but since the hose needed to run continually in order to keep the sides inflated, the water was ice cold. Sophie wasn't a fan of it at first, but she eventually dipped her toes in on her own.

"That boy is crazy. How can he sit in this freezing cold water?"

She's not a fan of the grass on her bare legs, either.

This video looks a little "dreamy". We cleaned the lens off afterwards.


Shea said...

How cute..I am so moving to California just for the weather! My boys have that same splash mat...I loved it!

Marsh Mayhem said...

I'm so jealous of your guys' weather! We're afraid it's going to snow, again, in the next few days ... never mind the fact that it's HOT right now!

Andrea said...

We are so spoiled with great weather. It makes it hard to leave. Can't think of anywhere else that comes close. Sophie looks adorable in her suit!

Chelsea said...

I love her suit. I've never heard of a pool that you have to have water running for it a safety thing?

Natalie said...

No, it just keeps the sides "inflated" so the water will stay in the middle, too. If you turn up the hose, the water will squirt out the sides of the pool like little fountains. It's way cute, but it sucks cuz the water is ALWAYS cold.

Cassia said...

The picture of Sophie on the grass made me laugh. :) I love it! :)