Saturday, April 26, 2008

Cake #2 and a Lazy Saturday

Speaking of lazy, I didn't even post my cake from Monday's class. Actually I forgot. It's hard to remember things with prego brains.

Here it is:

I went with a nice, safe, chocolate cake. (The Phillips Chocolate Cake recipe -- it's the best.) No experiments this time.

The flowers look OK if you don't see the picture of what they're supposed to look like. :)

So, today we had good intentions of going to the beach, but we got a late start (I really needed a nap) and decided to go to the park with some friends instead. We thought there was going to be an area for kids to play in the water, but the water wasn't turned on. At least we got to be outside. And Sophie got to wear her suit again without getting it wet.

After we got home, washed all the sand off of Sophie and put her down for a nap, we hung out in our skibbies the rest of the day.


jenn said...

The cake looks fabulous! Love the pictures of Sophie playing in the grass. She is precious. :)

Shea said...

Ok, so I want a piece of chocolate cake now! That looks really yummy!

The Rogers said...

I love your cake it came out great. Once again Sophie is so fliping cute!!!