Thursday, April 10, 2008


So, I typically ignore it when people tag me, but for some reason I decided to do this one. I won't tag anyone else, though. No pressure. :)

Ten Years Ago
I was 17 and almost graduated from high school. I even pulled out my journal to find out exactly what was going on because, honestly, I had no idea. I found an entry from April 4, 1998. Apparently I had just gone to a high school musical ("Once Upon a Mattress", which I don't have the faintest recollection of) with my friend Shea. I'd found out that I'd gotten a $1000 scholarship to Ricks College and a bunch of my friends and I had already set up housing in Rexburg. (Yes, that was when it was still called Ricks.) I'd been looking for a job and hadn't found one yet. And I was getting ready to go to Seattle for a journalism conference the following week.

Five Things on the To-Do List
1. Go go Costco and get a commercial-sized tub of Crisco (Gross, I know, but I'm in a cake decorating class and we'll need to bring a cake and a big bowl of frosting every week.)
2. Wash Sophie's bibs
3. Get my sewing machine fixed
4. Finish decorating Sophie's room
5. Vacuum

Three Bad Habits
1. Spending too much time online
2. Biting the inside of my cheek/lips
3. Not taking very good care of my fingernails or toenails

Places I've Lived
Idaho Falls and Rexburg, ID
Logan and Provo, UT
Moscow, Russia
Graz and Vienna, Austria
San Leandro, CA

What I would do if I Suddenly Became a Millionaire
1. Finish putting Steve through school and set up his practice when he gets done
2. Go to all the places I've always wanted to go with Steve (The list is pretty long.)
3. Invest whatever's left after I buy a house (with a custom kitchen), a car, a new wardrobe and buy Steve this hypoallergenic cat he's always wanted. It'll stay outside, though.

Five Things you Probably Don't Know About Me
This is going to be hard because I'm a pretty open person and tell everyone just about everything about me...
1. I'm a very self-conscious person. Especially about my weight. It drives me crazy that I'm not the size I was when Steve was deployed, which is about 25 lbs lighter.
2. Before Steve and I started dating, I made a big list of what I wanted in a husband. I even included superficial things like height, hair, and eye color. Steve matches about 95% of my list.
3. When I eat a bag of M&M's or Skittles, I separate them into colors first. Then I form columns, in rainbow order, and eat some until all the columns are even. Then I eat one of each color until they're gone.
4. It may not look like it, but my kitchen is very organized. I put the same things back in the same places every time. And I always keep my measuring cups nestled together.
5. I've kept a journal since I was 8, and I've never gone longer than 3-4 months without writing.


William said...

I never actually eat a "bag" of M&Ms or Skittles at one sitting, so I'll go with "handful".

When I eat a handful of M&Ms or Skittles, I separate them into colors first. Then I eat all of the color that has the least representation, and move on to the next larger color group until they are all gone.

jenn said...

Ahh, Seattle. Those were the days, weren't they?!? Can't wait to see pictures of the cakes you decorate in your class! (hint hint...)

The Rogers said...

I loved reading that It was neat reading about you. OK the M&M's/Skittles thing was kinda funky but it just make me like you that much more :).

Cassia said...

Re: M&M and Skittle sorting

Jonathan does that too! :)

Cassia said...

Wait. I misread. After sorting and lining them up, Jonathan just eats all of one color, then moves on to the next (instead of eating one of each color at a time). :)

Cassia said...

And by the way (I'm sorry--I know this is my third comment in a row), I enjoyed reading about the hypoallergenic cats. :) I also enjoyed the comments--especially the one about making deer glow green in headlights. :) I can just picture the tabloid "alien" stories that would come from that! :)

Natalie said...

Cassia, Jonathan is definitely a cool kid. :) I read those comments, too. They're pretty funny. I agree with the girl who said they should make a dog that didn't smell when it got wet. I might be persuaded to get a dog if it didn't smell at all!

Marsh Mayhem said...

Wahoo, you took my tag! Thanks -- now I feel special!

Lorraine said...

What do you do with all your previous journals? I have a huge box of them under all the other boxes in my closet! I love getting a new journal, and I think I've written in one for about as long as you. Awesome.

And thanks for all your comments!

Natalie said...

Actually, I'm only on my 4th journal, so the rest just sit on a bookshelf. The first two I had were 8x11 and had nearly 200 pages each. The first one took me 12 years to fill! I was consistent about writing, but sometimes I just wrote a paragraph and that was it.