Thursday, October 09, 2008

A Few of Sophie's Favorite Things

The garbage man

Every Wednesday morning the garbage man passes by the house twice -- one for each side of the street. Every other week both the garbage and the recycling gets picked up, so we get four passes. And every Wednesday morning Sophie will hear him coming and climb up on the couch to look out the window.

Those mechanical lifts are sure mesmerizing.

Feeding herself, and any kind of personal hygiene/grooming product

Sophie's working on balancing food on a spoon and insists on feeding herself most of the time. Uh, we still have a ways to go, but she uses a fork pretty well now. If she really likes something she'll just put down her utensil and start grabbing it with her hands. That doesn't work so well with soup.

As far as the hygiene/grooming products goes, anything slippery on Sophie's hands or fingers is, to her, either lotion (rubs it on hands/legs), hair mousse (rubs it in hair), or lip gloss (dabs it on lips/tongue). Sometimes she gets them mixed up and will inadvertently eat something she probably shouldn't or rub the wrong product in the wrong place. Or she'll miss the boat entirely as you can see here.

Singing/humming songs, particularly while looking at her songbook.

I have one of those pocket-sized Primary Children's Songbooks that Sophie has attached herself to. If you ask her if she wants to sing a song, she'll immediately start humming and searching for her songbook. Occasionally (and with close supervision by mom) I'll let her flip through the big one. She loves it.

She hums to herself a lot, even when she's not looking at her book. We realized recently that a frequent melody she hums is the first line from "I Feel My Savior's Love". It gets a little hazy after that, but it's really sweet. Steve and I sing a couple of songs to her before she goes to sleep or if she's particularly cranky in the car or getting her hair washed. It quiets her down instantly. I guess I must have sang that song a lot for her to pick it up so quickly. It's one of the first that comes to my head.

This clip is a little long - about four minutes. I didn't want to cut her off, and then she started jabbering about something, and I couldn't stop during that, either.


Stephanie said...

How sweet! Josh and Caleb used to watch for the garbage, recycling and the green waste trucks on both sides of the street too. Josh would even get out of bed in the morning just to see the trucks. Those were fun times:). When he was into that he told me that when he grows up that he wants to be a garbage man in Yosemite. I told him he can be anything he wants. He just needs to go to college first.

Dave & Chels said...

I am so glad B is not the only one with a garbage truck kick. He is obsessed, literally. If I mention the word garbage, "gabage tuck" are the only words from his mouth the next ten minutes. You can't even distract him, either.
And watching Soph eat with a spoon was like watching Bentley at meal time. Identical!
The humming thing is adorable, by the way.

Marsh Mayhem said...

Charlie's a garbage truck watcher, too. He proudly announces that it's taking away his dirty diapers ... and now Clara's too!

Isn't it amazing how well some kids identify with music? Charlie has always calmed down immediately if we turn something on, and it completely melts me to hear him sing along, doesn't matter to what! Your little one is bound to be musical, though ...with her mommy I odn't think she has a choice!

Shea said...

I love Sophie's humming video...I can not believe how grown up she look sitting there flipping pages in your book. :)

Millertime said...

Oh...I loved to hear her sing. What a sweet girl. She is growing up so quickly I just can't believe it. That was precious.

Cassia said...

Oh, yeah--Jonathan used to do the same thing with the garbage truck at Stonecrest. :) Here, the truck tends to come too early in the morning, though. :)

I groaned when I saw the soup in the hair trick--I hate it when Emma does that!

And her singing was very cute--Emma's done something similar with my hymn book and "I Am A Child of God" :)

Tyler said...

May there always be garbage trucks. All little kids seem to love them. Little Jacob has always been a big fan.