Friday, October 24, 2008

Happier Times

If you noticed my lack of response in the previous post when Sophie started to cry it's because we have meltdowns like that at least a dozen times a day. That girl is getting so sensitive lately. And clingy. I wonder if she senses that she won't have all the attention to herself for much longer.

In between the meltdowns, she's pretty happy. And so am I.

It doesn't take a lot of humidity for my hair to frizz, which is why I went most of the week in curly-mode. Sophie's in curly-mode every day. She's back to pulling pigtails out again most days. Sigh.

Steve was sitting on the kitchen floor eating a piece of bread one day (no idea why he sat on the floor), and Sophie walked over to sit next to him. She also crouches next to me when I crouch in front of the fridge and dig through the produce drawers.

I think I need to get Sophie more toys to play with outside. She loves being out there with her favorite ball, though. I just wish we had a fenced-in yard because she's getting increasingly faster at running down the sidewalk. And I'm getting increasingly slower.

Here she's brushing her hands together (like when you have dirt on them) to tell me that she sees the flower bed. And that she's going over there to throw dirt around even though I'm shaking my head and telling her "no". Speaking of "no", Sophie started saying it this week. "No, no, no," just like I tell her. She also sings songs about "no" and says, "bye, bye, no!"

Yay! A good smile!

Here's something else she loves to do. (I take out the sharp knives.) So far we haven't had any casualties.


Millertime said...

Oh..our old dishwasher. I was telling Mike I am so glad it still works for them. It was a great dishwasher for us. Not the best looking for sure, but its SO much better then washing dishes by hand. Plus those sinks are so small. I hated washing dishes in them. Sophie is darling. The girls love to help me with the dishes. Its great when they start to be good little helpers. I am sure Sophie is going to love being the BIG sister.

Kristin Baldwin said...

Well it must be the age because Ryanna can be so sensative too. I've learned the more I try to solve her "problem" the more intense the drama becomes. Girls are girls from day one I guess! :)

Natalie said...

Oh, Elise... I hate the sinks here so much. If they were deeper than six inches, it would be a little better.

The dishwasher has been great. It's only leaked once. The spring in the soap dispenser broke, but it still manages to open up and get all the dishes clean. I just hope it lasts until we move :)

Cassia said...

Out of curiosity, have you talked to Sophie much about her coming sibling? If not, maybe that has something to do with her meltdowns--knowing something is different, but not being completely sure what it is or what to expect. Or it could just be her age. :) Emma's gone through meltdown stages, too. :)

And my children love putting away dishes, too. :) It's nice when they get old enough to start figuring out where exactly each piece goes. :)

Natalie said...

Cassia - I've tried telling her, but I think she's still too young to understand there's a "baby in mommy's tummy". I think she's noticed that my stomach's gotten huge because she pats it a lot, but that's about it. She's taken an interest in babies lately (dolls and live ones), so maybe she knows more than I think she does.

Tagen and Eric said...

You don't need toys, just let her play with one of those tomato caterpillars. If you do get her some "toys," I think a the best one would be a kid harness. he he :o) She can always come to visit our kitty cats.

Team Chilton said...

I don't think Asher really started talking about the "baby" and pointing to my tummy until the month before I was due (I think), and it was because of associating my tummy with actual little people.
FYI...Novem-beard is on, so tell Steve. Maybe other guys will want to get in on the action too just to pester their wives.
Oh, and I got reader to work again...I guess I had the security settings messed up. Whew! No field trip for you this time. I know it is exhausting walking the half mile to my house when carrying Sophie who is adorable by the way. Even when she screams and gets the angry face with the wrinkle between her eyes. I know I shouldn't laugh, but the look she gives Asher when he tries to hug her cracks me up. Poor kids...she's traumatized by him now, and I am sure she'll give him a complex...oh well, they're starting early. Way to keep my son humble Sophie!

Cassia said...

Natalie- Yeah. I think it helped a lot with Jonathan that his friend got a baby sister 5 months before Emma was born. I know I talked about it a lot with him, and then talked for months about how, when she was ready, she would come out and be with us and we could hold her, just like his friend's baby sister. :) But he was also older, so maybe that helped, too. :)

Sarah said...

Joining the family business!!! NIIIIICCCE!

Team Chilton said... reader doesn't like me today. We'll have to chat. So when can we come over and try your pie. Call us!

Andrea said...

Jakob is needy too and has meltdowns all the time. I think it´s the age. He´s very clingy and wants mommy all the time. He´s super duper sweet a lot, but man, he can be moody too. I think it´s a phase. Judging by the things Sophie is doing, it must be an age thing, because Jakob does many similar things. PS: My German sucks right now. Oh yes, do you have that crepe recipe and that brownie recipe that we used on the mission. I want to make brownies but I didn´t bring any recipes with me. Just never got around to it. Hope you´re feeling well.